What Do You Really Know About Mother’s Day?

AE391906-BB67-4A9A-8C52-50062F716258Why we celebrate Mother’s Day is pretty obvious.  Right or is it?  Who doesn’t want to celebrate the wonderful mothers in their family, especially their own sweet one?  Did you ever wonder when we began to celebrate Mother’s Day?  That’s a seldom known answer.  I studied up so I could share it with you, but what I found made me realize the why we celebrate is a bit deeper.

Before the Civil War a woman from West Virginia named Ann Reeves Jarvis began a series of clubs to help teach women about caring for their children.  “Mother’s Day Work Clubs” did not just teach women how to care for their children, they taught them the right, proper way.  Women were able to dispel myths and incorrect information by attending these meetings.  The meetings helped unify ladies after the Civil War and they promoted reconciliation between Union and Confederates in 1868.

It was not until 1908 the official Mother’s Day holiday was celebrated in a small way.  Ann Reeves Jarvis’ daughter, Anna wanted to carry on her mother’s efforts after she died in 1905.  Anna thought a day to celebrate and honor the sacrifices mothers made for their children would be perfect.  She received financial support from a Philadelphia department store owner in May 1908, and she organized the first official Mother’s Day celebration at a Methodist church in Grafton, West Virginia.  Also on that day, the department store owner held a Mother’s Day event at one of retail his stores in Philadelphia.  Thousands of people attended.

A few years later the holiday had more support.  There were many states, towns and churches  celebrating Mother’s Day as an annual holiday in 1912, but it was not a national holiday.  Anna Jarvis kept trying and set up the Mother’s Day International Association to help with her cause. Finally in 1914 President Woodrow Wilson officially established the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.


It is interesting to note, Anna did this all in her mother’s memory and for mothers everywhere as she never married nor had children.  She just wanted to honor her mother’s memory and great sacrifice.  Mothers give up so much for their children, but it is willingly with love.  Their freedom is gone, money disappears, sleep is rare, calmness is replaced with chaos, and peace often with concern.  Ask any mother if it was worth it and all (or most everyone) will say absolutely.

This Mother’s Day remember it is more than a casual “Thanks, Mom” day.  It is a sincere “Thank you for all you have sacrificed for me, Mother” day.  Reflect on what she has done, given, given up, and sacrificed for you.  Originally Mother’s Day was to honor a mother or woman’s sacrifice for children.  Is it still?IMG_3325

My sweet, dear Mother sacrificed more than she will ever let me or my sister know.  I am certain of that.  She is a great woman of faith, adored and treasured.  Just hearing her voice makes my day better.  Yes, I am a mama’s girl and proud of it.  Thank you for EVERYTHING, Mother.  You are appreciated and loved.




Watch Out Where You Get Advice

For a parent, grandparent, aunt, or anyone that has a younger person in his/her life, there is seldom any feeling that competes with the joy felt watching them make good, Christian decisions. Right?  We pray for their success, salvation, and decision making..  It isn’t often we are fortunate enough to witness it in action.  Recently I was and it touched me so deeply I cried happy tears.

We have a beloved family member that is truly ill and frankly just not himself.  It is an ongoing issue that has lasted three years.  Talk about a test of faith!  Well, that’s an entirely different blog.  In this situation advice is overflowing on what others would do.  We are never at a loss for unsolicited, well meaning counsel. AB1DE8CF-BDD4-4FE3-8861-552A9E0B6EF2Much of the advice is tough love and some not even Biblically based.  Discussions with this sweet family member and others border on disrespectful.  It all breaks my heart.  How is that going to help?  Being disrespectful will never aid in any circumstance.
Last week I sought advise from my adult son.  He was raised in our Christian home so I decided it was time to trust my work and him.  Wow.  I was not disappointed and can honestly say I was overcome with joy.  His response to me was “My thoughts are to try to treat him like Jesus would.  You know, the whole What Would Jesus Do.  Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?”  I was speechless as I nodded.
Leave it to my adult son to remind me of what I already knew.  There is no secret fix or magic involved to help a loved one.  Lift him up to God and love him.  Treat him tenderly.  Isn’t that what Jesus would do?  Didn’t he teach us by example that we are to love others more than ourselves?  Jesus did not teach disrespect, yelling, fighting, and leaving.  No, 0FBBC620-EBD2-4133-9665-C1E38AE7174CHe taught compassion, love, and caring. Any and all I needed can be found in my life manual, the Bible.  I just needed to think about what would Jesus do, and then do it.
I realized then that I had known all along what to do.  Like Jesus I needed to listen to God and obey Him.  I needed to be sweet, tender, caring and giving.  There is no place for disrespect in this situation.  Just respect and kindness.  Often when we are sick, we aren’t ourselves.  Having someone talk sharply can only make things worse.  Ignoring the sick person or withholding care is a horrible idea.  Leaving is definitely not the answer.  I can never go wrong with loving and praying.  Bet you won’t either if you ever need my two cents.
Try a little tenderness and honey instead of harshness and vinegar in your words.  My sweet Mammaw would say “you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”  How true.  We need to try some love and Jesus.  I know I will.  Thank you, oh wise son, for the reminder.  Out of all the advice, yours was right on the money.  Your advice is the one to follow.  In fact, I am going to look for my WWJD bracelet, too.
“Pleasant words are as an honeycomb, sweet to the soul, and health to the bones.”
Proverb 16:24 KJV

Why Do We Have Sundays?

I love Sundays. Actually, I need them.  They just have a different feeling about them, don’t they? It is day of the week our Father gave us to rest, recharge, and most importantly worship Him. I am sixty now and Sundays are extremely different than in “my day.” How about you? Do you see any difference in them?  What were and are your Sundays like?

“Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God” Exodus 20:8-11 KJV

Growing up all of the stores were closed. Even restaurants were closed, too.  People treasured this Sabbath day to spend time going to church and with family or friends.  It was my and many other’ favorite day of the week.IMG_1582 Gradually stores would begin to open at noon for a few hours. That was scandalous but tempting so people slowly went. The half days expanded into full days and restaurants had jumped aboard the train. That made for a lot of Sunday workers taken away from church and family, but don’t forget the shoppers, too.  You can’t have family time in a store, just ask my hubby.  I’m not innocent in the Sunday shopping situation. It is so convenient to go out to eat with family after church and even swing by a store on the way home.IMG_1583Before you start fussing at me, I realize there are people that must work on Sundays.  Where would we be with hospitals that closed on Sunday?  That would be a disaster!

When I was a child we went to big family Sunday dinners after church almost every week at my Mammaw’s farm.  Those times in the “country” were precious and memorable.  That’s where my cousins became my closest friends and almost like siblings. I learned to respect my elders, asked to be excused from the table, and held hands during Grace.  We ate dinner together as a big, happy (yes, we were) family and played outside afterwards.


I got to know each family member through personal interaction. Today families are going in all different directions making Sunday dinners near impossible. There are school activities, work schedules, hobbies, clubs, groups, and overnight sleepovers that get in the way. I miss big family gatherings on Sundays where we talked, played games, and just were. It was relaxing and gave me a sense of safety and belonging.  Maybe I will slowly bring that back for my family.

Sundays are a time to rest and nurture my body, mind, and spirit.  I love listening to a sermon and singing hymns and praises.  That helps not only my spirit but puts my mind at ease.  Sunday is the one day I strive not to work.  If it can wait, I let it.  I love reading my Bible or an inspirational Christian fiction.  DesignWhen the weather permits, the perfect place for reading is on my back porch on my swing.  Listening to nature, feeling sunshine and a breeze with a good book while in my swing is a great way to recharge for the coming week.  It is a wonderful place to pray, also.  How about you?  What relaxes you?

This Lent I have been under conviction about Sundays. Not for you, but for myself.  Why do we have Sundays? Am I really keeping the Sabbath holy?  Everyone has his own idea on Sunday, and this is just mine.  What is easy or right for others might not be right for me. Jesus has done so much for me. He has given His life for us, even me – you, too. Jesus is there every minute of every day. If I am under conviction about Sundays then I need to listen and change. It won’t be easy, but once I have done this and given the Sabbath back to Him, oh what joy I will feel!

However you choose to spend your Sundays, I hope they provide you the rest and peace that God planned them to give.  Spend some of your day with Him.  It will be time well spent.


Are You Running Out of Time to Help?

Time slips away from all of us. Once it has gone we may never get it back. It is easy to plan on doing something tomorrow and never finding time. Maybe it isn’t finding time that’s the problem but forgetting.  I’m guilty of that. Are you?

The other evening I was watching television with my husband when the phone rang. It was a cell phone number I did not recognize but I answered it. The conversation went like this:

Caller:  “Oh, good you’re still there. Do you have rosaries?”
(I owned a Christian bookstore for ten years that closed in December 2012. That number was one digit off of my home number.)
“Are you looking for Heaven Help Us Christian Bookstore?”
Caller:”Well, yes. That’s what I dialed.” (Actually she didn’t)
I used to own it but we closed it years ago.”
(Crickets. Nothing for several seconds.)
“Why, why that’s not possible. I shop there all of the time. I love that shore.  When did y’all close?’
December 2012.”
“No! That can’t be. I know I was there since then.”
“Yes, ma’am, that’s when we closed.”
“I kept meaning to invite my friend but now it’s too late. I told her about it, but time just got away, I guess.”

We agreed time flies and ended the call with me promising to contact her if I ever opened another store.  (Very doubtful this side of heaven).  She even reminisced about my store and lamented not following through with another invitation to her friend. My store was a safe haven filled with God glorifying material and beautiful Christian music. Never any “ugly” language as my Grandmother would say.

Just as this lady missed the chance to invite her friend to my store before it closed, I wonder how many family members and friends will miss out on Jesus and Heaven because I didn’t make the time to tell them more about Jesus and asking Him into their hearts? Once they are gone or I am, I am not able to do that anymore. Honestly, I don’t want a single friend or family member missing Heaven especially if I could be a part of helping them make that decision. Time is precious and should be used to help others not for just ourselves.


What about you? Tell us your story about running out of time and missing something important. How about now? Do you have someone you have been praying for to receive salvation? Are you running out of time with them?

Book Review: Big Book of Bible Heroes Devotionals

Do you read a devotional?  Do your kids and grandkids?  It is never too early to start the habit of feeding your spirit and mind with the good nutrition it needs.  I love giving (and receiving) devotional for Christmas.  With the New Year just a week away, it is the perfect time to begin or continue a practice of reading something everyday that will enrich your life and deepen your Walk.  Children need this, too.

“My Big Book of Bible Heroes Devotional” by author Glenn Hascall is a wonderful paperback devotional for children, boys and girls. IMG_9163 Published by Barbour, this inspirational 160 page book has a vibrant eyecatching cover with a golden sunburst overlaid with four biblical heroes. Inside are stories printed on thick glossy paper of fifty heroes and heroines from the Bible. Each story is three pages long and written for easy understanding. Readers will find a reference where each story is in the Bible, scripture relating to the story, followed by the story or devotional and a prayer, and finishing up with discussion/study questions to help dig deeper into what was just read.

“My Big Book of Bible Heroes Devotional” includes a multitude of well known heroes and heroines such as David, Mary, Ruth, Daniel, and Samson.  There are also some less familiar people included which will teach children their stories, too. This is an educational and encouraging devotional for girls and boys aged 7 to 12. The reading level is 2nd/3rd and the message is not only interesting but thought provoking. This devotional shows kids that heroes are everyday people. God uses and loves us all.IMG_9162

It would make a great devotional for grade school children and even lower middle schoolers. Family devotion time would be a perfect time to read this and discuss the Bible. Each story would make a nice bedtime read, too. Church libraries and classes would benefit from having one. I highly recommend this devotional and have one wrapped up for my eight year old grandson.  Start something great for 2018 for someone young.  You will be deeply rewarded and filled with joy by the seedsyou are planting today.


What is Your Christmas Tradition?

My Grandmother’s family had a tradition of playing the Christmas Gift game. Does your family do this? I would love to hear your story of it.  Only Grandmother did it and the older I get the more I wish we had kept the tradition alive in our family.  Growing up I listened in wonderment as my proper Grandmother turned back into a fun loving girl again. In the game of Christmas Gift, the first person to say “Christmas Gift” earned the first gift, an extra gift, for that day.  Grandmother would answer her phone “Christmas Gift” instead of the normal “Merry Christmas” as the majority of people do. DesignShe loved that game.  It reminded her of her childhood and holidays at home. Research on this game revealed that it could be done for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. It started as a custom that was broadly practiced by families from the southern parts of the United States. My Grandmother (paternal) grew up near Richmond, Kentucky and was definitely a fine Southern lady.

My daughter-in-law has German heritage and continues a German Christmas tradition. On their Christmas each year is a hidden glass pickle ornament. The lucky person to find the ornament is supposed to receive a finder’s gift and good fortune for the next year. It is said that these ornaments were first sold in the United States in 1880.IMG_0068

I don’t remember any other specific Christmas traditions. Sure we decorate, make cookies and candy, and visit family. Nothing exceptional or out of the ordinary. We used to have a progressive dinner for my mother and her siblings.  That could be a blog in itself. Now things are just toned down.

Toned down describes Jesus’ birth. Nothing elaborate and fancy. Born in a stable with shepherds as messengers to spread the news. Jesus had humble beginnings and taught humility. I looked up the meaning of humble: having or showing a modest or low estimate of one’s own importance, not haughty, arrogant, assertive, or proud. Wow – if anyone had a reason to feel important or know He was important, it was Jesus, but He acted like a servant to all. Jesus was not proud, conceited, or arrogant. He did not push people around or assert Himself. Jesus resonated love, purity, goodness, and patience. He taught us what things really mattered. Lessons in riches showed us that our treasures are not here on Earth in things but in Heaven with Him and the Father. His family is our family. We should love and care for them as He wants us.

DesignThis year just might be the perfect time to start a new Christmas tradition. One that is pleasing to and lead by Jesus. Pray about it, open your heart and mind.  Maybe some type of donation or charity would be  for your family.  Perhaps buying some livestock, chickens or seed for someone makes your heart sing.   If you decide on one, I would love to hear about it. “Peace on Earth and goodwill to men.”IMG_0072

Mary’s Baby Bring Joy

Christmas is a time of miracles and for families. As I prepare for it this year my mind continues to gravitate back to that first Christmas. As a mother, grandmother, and aunt it makes me wonder what the women of Mary’s family thought about her and her baby, God’s Son. Did they throw her a shower or babysit Him?  Did they offer advice and help?  Who was expected to attend Mary at the baby’s delivery?

In our family a baby is a big deal.  Phone start buzzing as soon as the couple see the positive on that little stick.  Grandparents-to-be are over the moon excited as are aunts and uncles. IMG_0054 Siblings and cousins eagerly await the new one, also.  Funny, adorable pictures are sent or put on Facebook to let everyone know a new member will be added to the family.  There are showers to flood the family with all kinds of things for the baby.  Several of my friends have had Grammy showers.

There is not much information on the women in her family or Joseph’s. Some data can be found on the men but not women. Women were not mentioned much in biblical times, mostly just men.  Mary was an only child. I remember that from church and readings. It was indicated that she was a devoted daughter and very good.  Greek scrolls list Mary’s parents as Anne or Anna and Eli. They do not name grandparents. Joseph had siblings so Jesus had aunts, uncles, and cousins.  When studying about His family it is very controversial about if He had siblings.  I am not well versed enough to comment or debate this.  You will need to study up on it yourself and then please let me know your thoughts.

Confusing and emotional to think that God’s Son had a literal earthly family. Don’t you wonder what they thought? Mary announced she was untouched and having a baby.  Joseph backed her up. Wait a minute, she was pregnant and they were just betrothed.  Mary claimed she hadn’t been unfaithful nor had Joseph known her.  Did his family urge Joseph to stone or divorce her? Did Mary’s family make fun of her and think her mentally ill or promiscuous?  What would we do if one of our family members announced something miraculous and could only come from God, had happened to them? Would we believe them? Be envious or skeptical? Maybe happy? Excited? Would we want to hear the tale of this blessing and revelation from God Himself? Maybe we would yearn to know every detail of what Abba said and how His voice sounded.  We might believe them.  Perhaps or perhaps not. Humans are curious by nature but hard to convince.

Can you imagine how her parents felt when young teenage Mary left on a donkey in the late stages of pregnancy to go with Joseph to Bethlehem for the census? This mama here would have been climbing the walls if my daughter had done something like that. From that first step of the donkey until the first glimpse of her return, Mary’s mother was probably walking the floor. IMG_0052Mary left pregnant and came back a mother. The journey took a while to make, too, with no way to get news to her family.  Oh my! Mary had her baby without her mother or other family there. Did she return and announce “here is Jesus, our Savior.” Probably not. Mary most likely had to keep that bit of knowledge to herself.  Treasuring that blessing and holding it deep within her.  However, I would think Mary’s family gathered around to see her new bouncing baby boy when she and Joseph returned from Bethlehem. Families are universal and a baby unites them. He brings hope and joy. Everyone smiles around a baby. Happiness abounds when an infant is nearby. Women want to hold him. Children want to see his toes. Men turn into a pile of mush and say sing-songy things in a funny voice. Babies bring families together.

The same happened with Mary’s baby. God came to Earth as an infant, part man and God, as Jesus. He experienced things as we do. The advice and counsel we get is really from an “I’ve been there myself” viewpoint. Jesus understands. He gets it. He was scorned, beaten, harassed, bullied, and crucified. You name it and it was probably done to our Redeemer. True to scripture Jesus fulfilled prophecy proving He is God’s son. He unites all mankind and invites us to join His family, God’s family. He offers peace, hope, and happiness. He offers love and forgiveness.  He offers joy. Joy to the world.IMG_0053


Is it Better to Give, Receive or Both?

Have you finished your gift shopping?  Christmas is right around the corner. For me it seems like one day the leaves were just beginning to turn and then poof….it’s time to wrap Christmas presents.  Let’s talk about presents.  What is your view on gift-giving? Are you more of a giver or receiver? Which gives you more satisfaction and joy? Perhaps you like both. I do. IMG_3571 Giving gifts is a privilege, and getting them is a real treat.  I love how it makes me feel to know someone cared enough to spend time on me.  I feel loved.

It gives me great delight to choose and buy the perfect gift for people I love. I have a chance to reflect upon that person, his/her life, and our relationship while I peruse a variety of things. A lot of thought and time goes into each purchase.  Many times prayer does, also. I strive to make the person receiving my gift surprised and happy, but most of all loved and special.  I want them to know that I pay attention to their lives, that they are important.

“I’m not a fan of gift cards…”

That is why I am not a fan of gift cards. Why do people just trade money with each other?   In essence, it isn’t a gift exchange. To me it is basically saying “you aren’t adequate to choose something for me.”  Gift cards are the most impersonal gifts next to slipping money in an envelope.  Harsh words I agree, but it has been heavy on my heart and mind for a long time.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for both money and gift cards.  However, each and every holiday is a bit too much.

Unfortunately for some, gift giving has evolved into a chore and not an act of love. Not me, I thrive in showing my love through gifts and not gift cards. My spirit is crushed when I hear “let’s draw names to cut down on expense”.  Money shouldn’t be a problem in gift giving. There are many gifts that can be made.  It really is the thought that counts.  One year my son made every gift he gave.  That was over twenty years ago and we are still talking about it.  Gifts should come from the heart, wrapped in love.IMG_4287 They should relate to others that we thought about them during this Season of Miracles and Love. They should let others know how important they are to us, as important as a teacher or mailman.  They should build memories, happy ones.

Gifts should not make Christmas stressful. Gifts should make it happier for both giver and receiver. Think about the very first Christmas.  “Joy to the World.”   Jesus was the gift to us. A miracle gift of love. Sent from God to all of us.  He wasn’t sent to make our lives harder or stressful. No, not at all. He was sent as our Savior to set us free! Jesus taught and spread love. He paid our debt and gave us the best gift of all. Eternal life.  Yes, I love to give and receive gifts. His gift just happens to be my favorite one.  How about you?  Have you accepted His gift?





Granddaddy’s Girl

Recently I told you how life was for me in my maternal grandparents farmhouse. My Daddy’s parents lived down the road from them until moving back to Kentucky after Granddaddy retired. My Grandmother was a strict, proper Southern lady. Men wore suit coats to the dinner table, which was always in the dining room. Hands and faces were washed, shirts tucked in, and we walked, not ran, to her table. She gave me my love for reading and canasta. Every Christmas she made candy and eggnog. (I don’t remember the eggnog but Mom says it was delicious.) Her meringue pies were piled high with artistic swirls. Grandmother had soft hands that smelled of Jergens lotion, that cherry almond. When we prayed she always held my hand.

Granddaddy was my hero. He was Lock Master at Dam 43 and loved me deeply. It was reciprocated. A family story tells of my 6 foot Granddaddy squatting down picking peas in the hot sun with me hanging onto his back. He had trouble telling me no. Occasionally he would let me go to the Dam with him. Keeping a watchful eye he made certain I never wandered to the river. Sometimes he would take my hand and tell me we were riding a boat to the next Dam and catching another back. What fun! I blew the whistle, waved at people on the shore, and had a grand adventure. He was soft spoken and did not say much, but when he did we all listened.

That side of my family has a total of five grandchildren so it was much different than my Mother’s. My cousins lived two hours away, and I couldn’t see them each week. That doesn’t mean we aren’t close. I love all three of them. My youngest cousin is like a little sister, a treasure. The boys are great, too, and my aunt! You will meet her later. I was the first grandchild so I spent a lot of time alone with my grandparents growing up.

I remember spending a Saturday night with them when I was young. We played games, sat on the porch, had snacks, and made a pallet beside their bed for me to sleep. Waking up I could smell bacon wafting in from the kitchen along with the aroma of coffee. Sun was streaming in through the windows and birds were chirping. I heard the slow steady footsteps of Granddaddy on the hardwood floor as he came in to wake me. I asked “do we hafta go to church today?” knowing he would say no and wonder what I wanted to do. He thought for a minutes, went to his nightstand and came back with his Bible. He thumbed through it and read a verse “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.” Then asked me what kind of house I thought his was. “Brick” I replied. He chucked and said “One that serves the Lord. Now get up.”

Think about who you serve when you want to sleep in or go on an adventure instead of worship.  What is really more important?  Who should get that hour?  Does your house serve the Lord?  Do you?


“But if serving the LORD seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve…..but as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.”   Joshua 24:15 NIV

Southern Girl

Welcome to my blog. Thank you for visiting and taking time out of your busy life to share some time with me. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and let’s chat.

Even though I am a Hoosier, I am a Southern girl. We live on the Indiana-Kentucky boarder which residents refer to as Kentuckiana. I was born here and love it. There is something about the Southern life and manners that appeal to me. I like hearing please and thank you. My children say “yes, ma’am” and “no, sir”. If we are in a crowded room, my children gladly offer their seats to elderly or disabled. Men open doors for women. Family is important.

We grew up going to church on Sundays and followed that with big family dinners at my Mammaw’s farm house with all of the extended family. It was there that cousins became more like siblings while aunts and uncles were a second set of parents. Grandparents were revered, never sassed or corrected, only adored and obeyed. Men didn’t wear hats at the table, children sat at the “kid’s table”, elbows were off of the table, napkins were on our laps, and we asked permission to get up. Conversation was always appropriate. Dinner consisted of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, rolls, slaw, tomatoes and sweet tea. Very sweet tea. Dessert always followed and it was scrumptious. Everything was homegrown and homemade. After lunch we played tag, kick the can, marbles, and walked to the barn or creek. The men pitched horseshoes. The women cleaned up and looked through magazines. Sometimes before we all left for our four separate homes we would play a big family game of “Button, Button”, “I Doubt It”, or “Riddly, Riddly, Ree”. And talk. Boy did we talk! We chattered away from “come on in” until “see you next Sunday”. We knew who everyone was dating, what grades we all received, who helped at home, who was in trouble, and secrets we overheard. I was blessed to be one of eleven grandchildren and never felt my grandparents had a favorite. I loved my family and waited from one Sunday until the next just to see them again. Just to talk to them.

Much like I loved getting together with family on Sundays to talk and catch up on life, I love talking to my Abba. Once a day is never enough. Once a week would be pure torture. I couldn’t endure it. There are so very many things I need to bring before Him – sick friends, pregnant friends, children being bullied, family that needs help or healing, someone traveling, a child having surgery, a friend needing a job, and the list is endless. I need to talk to my Father for guidance, protection, and help. I want to make good decisions and need His direction. Do you pray, too? Are you like me and find once a day is not enough?

Unfortunately things today are quite different from the days of Sunday family dinners in the country. Where Sunday used to be set aside for families, now there are sporting events, bridal showers, Tupperware parties, golf games, and work. Days of leaving your house unlocked are long gone. One thing that hasn’t changed is God still wants for us to talk to Him and hears our prayers. He longs to hear from us like any parent longs to hear from His child.

The title of my blog is Abba’s Prayer Warrior Princess. As you can tell from my picture, I don’t look like a warrior or a princess, but I am a Daddy’s girl. My Father in Heaven, Abba, has called me His daughter. He is the King of all things, so I am a Princess. I pray to Him often each day fighting things. Fighting against illness. Fighting for good things to happen. Fighting against bad things, evil things. Praying through the powerful, Holy Name of Jesus. The One who died for me and conquered death. There is power through His holy, righteous name and blood. I pray. I am fighting for Him. I am a Warrior. I am Abba’s Prayer Warrior Princess.

Do you need someone to fight for you? Pray for you? If you need prayer, leave your request on the contact page. I will join you in prayer.

I Thess. 5:17 Pray without ceasing.