Is it Better to Give, Receive or Both?

Have you finished your gift shopping?  Christmas is right around the corner. For me it seems like one day the leaves were just beginning to turn and then poof….it’s time to wrap Christmas presents.  Let’s talk about presents.  What is your view on gift-giving? Are you more of a giver or receiver? Which gives you more satisfaction and joy? Perhaps you like both. I do. IMG_3571 Giving gifts is a privilege, and getting them is a real treat.  I love how it makes me feel to know someone cared enough to spend time on me.  I feel loved.

It gives me great delight to choose and buy the perfect gift for people I love. I have a chance to reflect upon that person, his/her life, and our relationship while I peruse a variety of things. A lot of thought and time goes into each purchase.  Many times prayer does, also. I strive to make the person receiving my gift surprised and happy, but most of all loved and special.  I want them to know that I pay attention to their lives, that they are important.

“I’m not a fan of gift cards…”

That is why I am not a fan of gift cards. Why do people just trade money with each other?   In essence, it isn’t a gift exchange. To me it is basically saying “you aren’t adequate to choose something for me.”  Gift cards are the most impersonal gifts next to slipping money in an envelope.  Harsh words I agree, but it has been heavy on my heart and mind for a long time.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a time and place for both money and gift cards.  However, each and every holiday is a bit too much.

Unfortunately for some, gift giving has evolved into a chore and not an act of love. Not me, I thrive in showing my love through gifts and not gift cards. My spirit is crushed when I hear “let’s draw names to cut down on expense”.  Money shouldn’t be a problem in gift giving. There are many gifts that can be made.  It really is the thought that counts.  One year my son made every gift he gave.  That was over twenty years ago and we are still talking about it.  Gifts should come from the heart, wrapped in love.IMG_4287 They should relate to others that we thought about them during this Season of Miracles and Love. They should let others know how important they are to us, as important as a teacher or mailman.  They should build memories, happy ones.

Gifts should not make Christmas stressful. Gifts should make it happier for both giver and receiver. Think about the very first Christmas.  “Joy to the World.”   Jesus was the gift to us. A miracle gift of love. Sent from God to all of us.  He wasn’t sent to make our lives harder or stressful. No, not at all. He was sent as our Savior to set us free! Jesus taught and spread love. He paid our debt and gave us the best gift of all. Eternal life.  Yes, I love to give and receive gifts. His gift just happens to be my favorite one.  How about you?  Have you accepted His gift?





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