Are You Running Out of Time to Help?

Time slips away from all of us. Once it has gone we may never get it back. It is easy to plan on doing something tomorrow and never finding time. Maybe it isn’t finding time that’s the problem but forgetting.  I’m guilty of that. Are you?

The other evening I was watching television with my husband when the phone rang. It was a cell phone number I did not recognize but I answered it. The conversation went like this:

Caller:  “Oh, good you’re still there. Do you have rosaries?”
(I owned a Christian bookstore for ten years that closed in December 2012. That number was one digit off of my home number.)
“Are you looking for Heaven Help Us Christian Bookstore?”
Caller:”Well, yes. That’s what I dialed.” (Actually she didn’t)
I used to own it but we closed it years ago.”
(Crickets. Nothing for several seconds.)
“Why, why that’s not possible. I shop there all of the time. I love that shore.  When did y’all close?’
December 2012.”
“No! That can’t be. I know I was there since then.”
“Yes, ma’am, that’s when we closed.”
“I kept meaning to invite my friend but now it’s too late. I told her about it, but time just got away, I guess.”

We agreed time flies and ended the call with me promising to contact her if I ever opened another store.  (Very doubtful this side of heaven).  She even reminisced about my store and lamented not following through with another invitation to her friend. My store was a safe haven filled with God glorifying material and beautiful Christian music. Never any “ugly” language as my Grandmother would say.

Just as this lady missed the chance to invite her friend to my store before it closed, I wonder how many family members and friends will miss out on Jesus and Heaven because I didn’t make the time to tell them more about Jesus and asking Him into their hearts? Once they are gone or I am, I am not able to do that anymore. Honestly, I don’t want a single friend or family member missing Heaven especially if I could be a part of helping them make that decision. Time is precious and should be used to help others not for just ourselves.


What about you? Tell us your story about running out of time and missing something important. How about now? Do you have someone you have been praying for to receive salvation? Are you running out of time with them?

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