Why Do We Have Sundays?

I love Sundays. Actually, I need them.  They just have a different feeling about them, don’t they? It is day of the week our Father gave us to rest, recharge, and most importantly worship Him. I am sixty now and Sundays are extremely different than in “my day.” How about you? Do you see any difference in them?  What were and are your Sundays like?

“Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy. Six days shalt thou labour, and do all thy work: But the seventh day is the sabbath of the LORD thy God” Exodus 20:8-11 KJV

Growing up all of the stores were closed. Even restaurants were closed, too.  People treasured this Sabbath day to spend time going to church and with family or friends.  It was my and many other’ favorite day of the week.IMG_1582 Gradually stores would begin to open at noon for a few hours. That was scandalous but tempting so people slowly went. The half days expanded into full days and restaurants had jumped aboard the train. That made for a lot of Sunday workers taken away from church and family, but don’t forget the shoppers, too.  You can’t have family time in a store, just ask my hubby.  I’m not innocent in the Sunday shopping situation. It is so convenient to go out to eat with family after church and even swing by a store on the way home.IMG_1583Before you start fussing at me, I realize there are people that must work on Sundays.  Where would we be with hospitals that closed on Sunday?  That would be a disaster!

When I was a child we went to big family Sunday dinners after church almost every week at my Mammaw’s farm.  Those times in the “country” were precious and memorable.  That’s where my cousins became my closest friends and almost like siblings. I learned to respect my elders, asked to be excused from the table, and held hands during Grace.  We ate dinner together as a big, happy (yes, we were) family and played outside afterwards.


I got to know each family member through personal interaction. Today families are going in all different directions making Sunday dinners near impossible. There are school activities, work schedules, hobbies, clubs, groups, and overnight sleepovers that get in the way. I miss big family gatherings on Sundays where we talked, played games, and just were. It was relaxing and gave me a sense of safety and belonging.  Maybe I will slowly bring that back for my family.

Sundays are a time to rest and nurture my body, mind, and spirit.  I love listening to a sermon and singing hymns and praises.  That helps not only my spirit but puts my mind at ease.  Sunday is the one day I strive not to work.  If it can wait, I let it.  I love reading my Bible or an inspirational Christian fiction.  DesignWhen the weather permits, the perfect place for reading is on my back porch on my swing.  Listening to nature, feeling sunshine and a breeze with a good book while in my swing is a great way to recharge for the coming week.  It is a wonderful place to pray, also.  How about you?  What relaxes you?

This Lent I have been under conviction about Sundays. Not for you, but for myself.  Why do we have Sundays? Am I really keeping the Sabbath holy?  Everyone has his own idea on Sunday, and this is just mine.  What is easy or right for others might not be right for me. Jesus has done so much for me. He has given His life for us, even me – you, too. Jesus is there every minute of every day. If I am under conviction about Sundays then I need to listen and change. It won’t be easy, but once I have done this and given the Sabbath back to Him, oh what joy I will feel!

However you choose to spend your Sundays, I hope they provide you the rest and peace that God planned them to give.  Spend some of your day with Him.  It will be time well spent.


Writing Our 2018 Story

We have closed the last page of our life story for 2017.  I hope it was a best seller in your eyes.  A new year brings a new beginning or book.  It comes in with a blank page or clean slate.  Are you hoping the year that begins today is better than the one that just finished? IMG_0181
A new year carries endless possibilities with it. I read posts on Facebook stating that New Year’s Day was the beginning of a blank 365 page book for each one of us, and that we should write a good one. Some claimed 2017 to be the worst year on record for them. Others wrote about the things they wanted to improve upon or change starting today.

Let me challenge you. Get a brand new journal and write down an outline for your 2018 story. I know it hasn’t happened yet, but think about what you would like to happen. For me reconnecting with some old, dear friends is very important and long overdue. My Christian novel remains half written so 2018 is the perfect year to complete it.  Cookbook #2 is a little closer to being finished but needs work.  Any year past, present, and future is the time to deepen my relationship and walk with Jesus. Of course I need and want to get healthier, too. In August 2017 I began a new venture selling a Pampered Chef. It is my hope to improve on that this year. How about those goals? Pages and chapters for me to live and write.

Will you partner with me? We could try it together and encourage each other. Over our blank pages we need to speak and pray positivity.  Begin by asking God’s will to be done.  Thank Him for guiding and directing.  No more “I can’t lose weight, I am stressed and too busy, or it is never gonna happen.” Replace those with “absolutely I will lose weight, there is time, and yes, it will happen!”

Get your inspiration from your Life’s Rule Book or Holy Bible and your Heavenly Father.Design Scripture will give you the help, peace, and strength you need. Remember the verse in Matthew that says “With God all things are possible?” How about in Philippians where it tells us “I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.”  Proverbs gives great counsel “Trust in the Lord with all your heart….”  We need to commit Bible verses to memory and claim the promises they give.

Keep me updated on your happy story. Working together we can make a positive difference in 2018. We will start with each other and see what trickles down from there.  I think it is time to turn a “no” into a “go”!  It is exciting to realize that we have the pen and blank paper for our 2018 story, not to mention the best Editor ever.  I am ready to start my new story.  Are you?


Book Review: Big Book of Bible Heroes Devotionals

Do you read a devotional?  Do your kids and grandkids?  It is never too early to start the habit of feeding your spirit and mind with the good nutrition it needs.  I love giving (and receiving) devotional for Christmas.  With the New Year just a week away, it is the perfect time to begin or continue a practice of reading something everyday that will enrich your life and deepen your Walk.  Children need this, too.

“My Big Book of Bible Heroes Devotional” by author Glenn Hascall is a wonderful paperback devotional for children, boys and girls. IMG_9163 Published by Barbour, this inspirational 160 page book has a vibrant eyecatching cover with a golden sunburst overlaid with four biblical heroes. Inside are stories printed on thick glossy paper of fifty heroes and heroines from the Bible. Each story is three pages long and written for easy understanding. Readers will find a reference where each story is in the Bible, scripture relating to the story, followed by the story or devotional and a prayer, and finishing up with discussion/study questions to help dig deeper into what was just read.

“My Big Book of Bible Heroes Devotional” includes a multitude of well known heroes and heroines such as David, Mary, Ruth, Daniel, and Samson.  There are also some less familiar people included which will teach children their stories, too. This is an educational and encouraging devotional for girls and boys aged 7 to 12. The reading level is 2nd/3rd and the message is not only interesting but thought provoking. This devotional shows kids that heroes are everyday people. God uses and loves us all.IMG_9162

It would make a great devotional for grade school children and even lower middle schoolers. Family devotion time would be a perfect time to read this and discuss the Bible. Each story would make a nice bedtime read, too. Church libraries and classes would benefit from having one. I highly recommend this devotional and have one wrapped up for my eight year old grandson.  Start something great for 2018 for someone young.  You will be deeply rewarded and filled with joy by the seedsyou are planting today.