Bridge of Gold Celebrate Lit Book Tour and Giveaway

Author Kimberley Woodhouse has penned a noteworthy Book Three in the Doors to the Past Series. I have loved the first two books and found this one equally compelling. Each book is a standalone mystery, adventure about a famous landmark. They are “time slip” novels or where a two stories of different eras are written to combine into one magnificent tale.

The Bridge if Gold centers around the Golden Gate Bridge and a sunken ship. Along with the ship there is talk of murder and gold treasure. With adventure, danger, mystery, and intrigue the author captures us in a riveting tale. I stayed up late turning pages to see what would happen next.

This is the modern day story of marine archeologist Kayla Richardson. She joins Steven Michaels, who is in charge of the Repairs and Restorations being made to the Golden Gate Bridge, to solve the mystery behind human remains found on the ship. They make a good team.

It is also the story of Margo Hunley and Luke Moreau in 1933. Luke was a part of the diving team that helped build the Golden Gate Bridge. He was a great guy and loved Margo. The underwater job he had was extremely dangerous.

Author Woodhouse did an exemplary job penning this story. Her characters are lifelike and believable. I became invested in their lives and stories quickly. The dialog helped moved the story along at a smooth, even pace. It sounded authentic. I loved that Luke was French and spoke with an accent.

There is so much that makes this a great book. Twists and turns abound to keep readers on their toes. The author kept springing surprises on me. There is a plethora of inspirational and timeless life lessons. It brings glory to God without being preachy.

I highly recommend this brilliant book. It would be an excellent choice for a book club or reading group. Five out of five stars is my rating for it. I received a copy from Celebrate Lit, but these are my own opinions.

About the Book

Book:  Bridge of Gold

Author: Kimberley Woodhouse

Genre: Christian Historical

Release date: June 2021

Repairs on the Golden Gate Bridge Uncover a Century-Old Murder

Walk through Doors to the Past via a new series of historical stories of romance and adventure.

Underwater archaeologist Kayla Richardson is called to the Golden Gate Bridge where repairs to one of the towers uncovers two human remains from the late 1800s and the 1930s. The head of the bridge restoration is Steven Michaels, who dives with Kayla, and a friendship develops between them. But as the investigation heats up and gold is found that dates back to the gold rush, more complications come into play that threaten them both. Could clues leading to a Gold Rush era mystery that was first discovered during the building of the bridge still ignite an obsession worth killing for?

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About the Author

Kimberley Woodhouse is an award-winning and bestselling author of more than twenty fiction and nonfiction books. A popular speaker and teacher, she’s shared her theme of “Joy Through Trials” with more than half a million people across the country at more than 2,000 events. Kim and her incredible husband of twenty-five-plus years have two adult children. She’s passionate about music and Bible study and loves the gift of story.
You can connect with Kimberley at: and

More from Kimberley

BRIDGE OF GOLD was a blast for me to write. Not only do I love writing dual-timeline stories, but the present-day hero and heroine are named after my daughter and her husband. Steven and Kayla in the book are fictitious, but there are a few things in the book that do mimic their real-life namesakes.

One of them is food.

My son-in-law Steven in real life is six-foot-four and active military. The man can eat. It’s amazing to me how many calories it takes just for him to survive! Then there’s my daughter, Kayla. She was an elite swimmer for many years along with her brother. I could never keep them fed when they were at the height of their swimming careers. In fact, I joked that all I did was cook and load the dishwasher during those years.

To celebrate the release of BRIDGE OF GOLD, I’m going to give out a recipe that I created almost thirty years ago. It went through many revisions the first few months as I perfected it and now you get a special treat because I do not give this recipe out. In fact, one of my dearest friends begged for it when our kids were little. I gave in but made her promise to close her eyes while she made it (LOL) and to never, ever give it to anyone else.

Enjoy! And thanks for joining us on the tour for BRIDGE OF GOLD. I hope you love it.

Kim’s Chocolate Chunk Cookies – recipe by Kimberley Woodhouse

2 cups King Arthur all-purpose flour

½ tsp. baking soda

½ tsp. kosher salt

¾ cup melted/browned butter (this is important! Don’t skip this step)

2 Tb. Hot chocolate mix

1 cup firmly packed dark brown sugar

½ cup white sugar

1 large egg plus 1 egg yolk

1 – 12 ounce package mega morsels (I use Ghirardelli milk chocolate chips)

Directions: combine the first three dry ingredients and mix well. In a small saucepan on the stove, melt and brown the butter. Medium heat is recommended but you’ve got to watch it so it doesn’t burn. You want a beautiful caramel color. Set aside and allow to cool to around 100 degrees F before continuing. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Once the browned butter is cool, add the hot chocolate mix to it. Transfer to a stand mixer and blend the butter mixture with the sugar. Whip it until well combined and frothy about 2 mins. Gradually add eggs and flour mixture, beating on low just until blended. Stir in chocolate chips. Using a cookie scoop, drop heaping TB scoops 2 inches apart on parchment paper lined cookie sheets. Bake at 325 degrees for 12-14 minutes, watching carefully. Allow to cool on cookie sheets for 5 minutes and then transfer to cooling racks. Enjoy!

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To celebrate her tour, Kimberley is giving away the grand prize package of a $25 Amazon gift card and copy of the book!!

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Endless Mercy Celebrate Lit Book Tour

Endless Mercy written by award winning, best selling authors Tracie Peterson and Kimberley Woodhouse is Book Two in their Treasures of Nome Series. It is set in 1904 Nome, Alaska. If you haven’t read Book One, Forever Hidden, you will not have a problem following the story. This is a beautiful albeit gritty at times Christian historical romance.

This series is about the three Powell sisters. In book one we meet Havyn. In this book it is the story of Madysen. I love that they live on a farm and have animals. Havyn has chickens and Madysen has sheep. Their mother has died and a kindly neighbor lady from town, Granny Beaufort, fills in and listens with a loving heart. She is a charming character.

This is Madysen’s story. She is a talented, beautiful, feisty young red haired woman that dreams of entertaining on stage. She has issues she is working with on forgiveness and grief. Her dead father suddenly appears making her confused, angry, and cold. Thankfully she has her beloved sheep to calm her.

This is also the story of Daniel. He is angry at God because of the death of both of his parents. He wants to start a dairy. With his help, the girls farm has started making cheese. They needed this to sustain them. His relationship with Maddy is up against competition with the entertainment manager, Buddy.

The girls continue their regular worship of God and invite Daniel to join. They never force him. While he declines it seems he is listening and having a change of heart. Maddy is, too. It is refreshing to read a Christian fiction book that has so much spiritual content woven into it.

These two award winning authors make a fabulous writing team. The style is lovely. The story is smooth and flows with an even pace. All of the characters are well described and believable. The lessons presented in this novel are timeless. Twists and turns make it fun. This book, and series, is truly wonderful. It has historical fiction, romance, suspense, mystery, faith, and life lessons. I enjoyed the Christian message of forgiveness and mercy. 

I highly recommend this captivating book. It gets a 5 out of 5 stars from me. A copy was provided by Celebrate Lit but these are my honest words.

About the Book

Book:  Endless Mercy

Author: Tracie Peterson, Kimberley Woodhouse

Genre: Christian historical romance


Madysen Powell has always been a forgiving person, but when her supposedly dead father shows up in Nome, Alaska, her gift for forgiveness is tested. With the recent loss of her mother, she searches for answers, leaning on Granny Beaufort, a neighbor in town, who listens with a kind heart. Still, Madysen is restless and dreams of performing her music around the world. The arrival of a traveling show could prove just the chance she needs, and the manager promises more than she ever dreamed.

Daniel Beaufort arrives in Nome, searching for his own answers after the gold rush leaves him with only empty pockets. Still angry about the death of his loved ones, he longs to start fresh but doesn’t have high hopes until he ends up helping at the Powell dairy making cheese. Drawn to the beautiful redhead with big dreams, will deceptions from the past tear apart any hope for the future?

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About the Authors


Tracie Peterson ( is the award-winning author of over 100 novels, both historical and contemporary. Her avid research resonates in her many bestselling series. Tracie and her family make their home in Montana.


Kimberley Woodhouse ( is an award-winning, bestselling author of more than fifteen fiction and nonfiction books. A popular speaker and teacher, she’s shared her theme of “Joy Through Trials” with more than half a million people across the country at more than 2,000 events. Kim and her incredible husband of twenty-five-plus years have two adult children. She’s passionate about music and Bible study and loves the gift of story.

More from Kim

It’s so exciting for book two in our Treasures of Nome series, Endless Mercy, to be heading out into the world! Tracie and I are so thrilled to bring you another story set in Nome, Alaska. And isn’t that cover gorgeous? Bethany House does such an amazing job with our books, it is an absolute joy to get to work with them.

In book one, Forever Hidden, we are introduced to three sisters and their family (and farm) in Nome. Forever Hidden is Havyn’s story. And did I mention there are chickens? Check out my blog for some interesting pictures and stories about how these chicken stories came to be…

Book two, Endless Mercy, is Madysen’s story. Madysen is the youngest sibling, and in our story, she’s a talented cello player. Oh, and there are some sheep, who just might help get her into mischief. (Are you seeing a pattern here?)

Book three will release January 2022 and will finish out the Powell girls’ stories with the eldest, Whitney.

This series is very near and dear to us because the Powell sisters in the books are actually named after three beautiful girls we adore. They were music students of mine in Colorado and when Tracie and I had a book signing for In the Shadow of Denali, the red-headed, musical sisters all came. Tracie made the comment that someone should write a book about them…so of course…we did!

I wish you could hear the girls play and sing in real life. They are such talented musicians, and I love them dearly. Huge thanks go to Monica and Merle Powell for allowing us to take their three girls and make fictional characters out of them.

Here’s a picture of Monica with me and Tracie at a book signing years ago. And then of course, I had to put in a picture of the real Powell girls.

We’d love for you to join us for The Treasures of Nome. Enjoy the blog tour!

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To celebrate their tour, Kimberley and Tracie are giving away the grand prize package of Forever Hidden, Endless Mercy, and this candle!! (

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Find a Book Friday: The Patriot Bride

Are you a lover of historical Christian fiction?  When I say historical, I mean historical.  Think founding fathers of this great nation of ours and you will be in the right mindset.  The Patriot Bride by author Kimberley Woodhouse is a 256 pages Historical Christian Romance Fiction that follows the first three books in the Daughters of the Mayflower series. It opens with a family tree of the Mayflower Brides.  I loved that.  A visual cuts down on confusion especially with this being book four.

The Patriot Bride is the tale of Faith Jackson, a wealthy widow.  Faith grew up following George Washington around wherever he went. Orphaned when she was a young girl, George was Faith’s caretaker. George becomes a protective big brother to Faith throughout the years.  This is also the story of Matthew Weber, a friend of George’s. His mentor happens to be Benjamin Franklin, which livens things up in this book.  Author Woodhouse has made Franklin’s character quite funny as he was said to be in real life.
This book is a true delight!  It has adventure, intrigue, espionage , romance, history, and an inspirational message.  All of this packed into one fabulous tale.  Author Woodhouse has done her research impeccably.  Her novel is well written with descriptions that sent me to the 1770’s.  She detailed the daily struggles and trials people faced as well as the forthcoming war.
The characters are engaging, charming and relatable.  Their interactions are smooth and authentic. The story contains other characters besides George Washington and Ben Franklin from history such as William Franklin and Paul Revere. They do not have as major roles as the former.   Of course, we must not forget the ladies.  They have Bible studies or readings in their elaborate homes.  Dressed in beautiful silk gowns, sipping tea, with lovely manners, these same gracious ladies run out into the night on to carry messages to spies.  I wanted to have tea, study the Bible, and chat with these brave, beautiful spitfires.
Inspirational messages and encouragement are woven throughout this tale.  Praying, trusting in God, and having faith are among them.  Waiting on God’s perfect timing and not jumping ahead on our own is one that will resonate with many.  The author has done a nice job planning and organizing this storyline to include life lessons and spiritual ones.
I was drawn into this fascinating book within a few pages and did not want to stop reading.  The Patriot Bride is a novel I highly recommend. The characters become friends, the setting is so well written you will think you have been to Boston during the 1770’s, the messages are still timely for today, and the history is plentiful right down to the Declaration of Independence.  I happily rate this 5 out of 5 stars.  Pick up a copy for yourself.  If you like history and being swept away in a book, you will love this!

Find a Book Friday: The Mayflower Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse

Looking for a new author or new book? I found one for you that I really liked and think you will, also. Have any of you read any of Kimberley Woodhouse’s books? Her new one is a 256 page paperback by Barbour that will teach you as it moves you back a few centuries. Filled with romance, encouragement, faith, adventure and history this novel stook me on an emotional roller coaster. Only great books do that.

The Mayflower Bride: Daughters of the Mayflower (book 1) by author Kimberley
Woodhouse is a lovely Christian fiction filled with history, adventure, and overflowing with sweet romance. It is the first I have read by this author and I found it to be just wonderful. I enjoyed the author’s writing style and felt transported back in time. Her characters were well described and so was the scenery. I learned a lot of that about that time period that I did not know. Best of all this is a Christian author that wrote Christian fiction giving glory to God.IMG_1079

This is the tale of the Mayflower ship’s journey to America. It is also the story of Mary Elizabeth and William, a sweet young couple.  I felt for them each time a new death was discovered.  When they gathered strength from God and each other, I breathed a sign of relief.  I was invested in this book!  The author brings to words what the early colonist were willing to risk for freedom of religion, upon which our country was founded. It is a stark, frank reminder of what was sacrificed for our freedom which today is often overlooked.

As you probably remember from history, the Mayflower ship brought settlers to America in the 1600s. In this book readers join them. The author’s characters of Mary Elizabeth and William are fictional. However she incorporated the stories of many of those aboard the actual Mayflower. Think of a “based on a true story” type book.

Throughout this book I was reacquainted with the Separatists who traveled on the Mayflower. The strife and trials they faced before leaving England and while on the ocean are heart wrenching. This book reminded me of just how hard that must have been. Their faith was tested and strengthened time after time. They tightly clung to hope and to God. It is a true lesson in faith and hope.IMG_1080

The Mayflower Bride is fantastic. I love Christian historical romance novels. Check! This one is just that. I enjoy learning new things when reading and especially like books that have a good Christian message. Check, check! It hit those two marks, also. If you like a book filled with adventure, history, sweet romance, faith, and inspiration, then this book is for you. I highly recommend it and honestly rate it 5 out of 5 stars.