Find a Book Friday: The Patriot Bride

Are you a lover of historical Christian fiction?  When I say historical, I mean historical.  Think founding fathers of this great nation of ours and you will be in the right mindset.  The Patriot Bride by author Kimberley Woodhouse is a 256 pages Historical Christian Romance Fiction that follows the first three books in the Daughters of the Mayflower series. It opens with a family tree of the Mayflower Brides.  I loved that.  A visual cuts down on confusion especially with this being book four.

The Patriot Bride is the tale of Faith Jackson, a wealthy widow.  Faith grew up following George Washington around wherever he went. Orphaned when she was a young girl, George was Faith’s caretaker. George becomes a protective big brother to Faith throughout the years.  This is also the story of Matthew Weber, a friend of George’s. His mentor happens to be Benjamin Franklin, which livens things up in this book.  Author Woodhouse has made Franklin’s character quite funny as he was said to be in real life.
This book is a true delight!  It has adventure, intrigue, espionage , romance, history, and an inspirational message.  All of this packed into one fabulous tale.  Author Woodhouse has done her research impeccably.  Her novel is well written with descriptions that sent me to the 1770’s.  She detailed the daily struggles and trials people faced as well as the forthcoming war.
The characters are engaging, charming and relatable.  Their interactions are smooth and authentic. The story contains other characters besides George Washington and Ben Franklin from history such as William Franklin and Paul Revere. They do not have as major roles as the former.   Of course, we must not forget the ladies.  They have Bible studies or readings in their elaborate homes.  Dressed in beautiful silk gowns, sipping tea, with lovely manners, these same gracious ladies run out into the night on to carry messages to spies.  I wanted to have tea, study the Bible, and chat with these brave, beautiful spitfires.
Inspirational messages and encouragement are woven throughout this tale.  Praying, trusting in God, and having faith are among them.  Waiting on God’s perfect timing and not jumping ahead on our own is one that will resonate with many.  The author has done a nice job planning and organizing this storyline to include life lessons and spiritual ones.
I was drawn into this fascinating book within a few pages and did not want to stop reading.  The Patriot Bride is a novel I highly recommend. The characters become friends, the setting is so well written you will think you have been to Boston during the 1770’s, the messages are still timely for today, and the history is plentiful right down to the Declaration of Independence.  I happily rate this 5 out of 5 stars.  Pick up a copy for yourself.  If you like history and being swept away in a book, you will love this!

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