Read a Book Monday: The Pirate Bride by Kathleen Y’Barbo

Let me ask you a question.  When you think of Christian novels do you ever imagine a book on pirates?  Me either.  Today’s blog will introduce you to one with a sassy heroine.  This is aptly titled “The Pirate Bride”, and I really enjoyed it.

“The Pirate Bride” by Kathleen Y’Barbo is Book Two in the Daughters of the Mayflower series.  Each book in this series published by Barbour is written by a different author which gives them each an unique perspective.  This Christian historical novel is set in 1725 and has action, adventure, faith, inspiration, romance, and family all rolled in it.  In this book, the main female character, Maribela, is the great-grandaughter of the main couple from Book One.  “The Pirate Bride” can easily be read as a stand alone or Book Two.C438C4E8-AB58-4AD2-BADC-912D1103E02B

Author Y’Barbo has done a fabulous job taking readers on a journey to the eighteenth century and the world of pirates or privateers as they prefer to be called.  Her book is extremely well written with a plot filled with twist and turns.  Doesn’t that make a book fun to read and hard to put down?  I think so.  The descriptions of the exotic places, people, and things were spot on.  Her characters were, well characters very colorful, with some being so lovable and others downright detestable.  They were are well defined and well rounded.
This is the tale of Mirabela Cordova.  She is a spunky young girl that was taken away from everything familiar after she is told that her mother and grandfather have died.  Her father tells her she must come and live with him.  That doesn’t damper her feistiness. Along the way,  Mirabela meets Captain Jean-Luc, leader of a pirate crew, and without giving away any spoilers let’s just say the two become buddies.  This storyline grabbed me when the ship took off and refused me let go.  I could not put it down. The plot twist are really good.  Referencing trusting God and keeping your faith are good lessons one wouldn’t expect in a pirate book.  I love Christian authors that always put God and faith in their books.  6A15551C-B7D4-414B-986E-76A35476CD61Lessons on revenge, lying, greed, and judging as well as love were in this book, too.  I learned things about the time, places, and pirates that I did not know.  It is inspiring, entertaining, and educational.
As much as I enjoyed this book, and I did, there were a few things that were unsettling or needed clarifying.  It felt as though too much was cut out in editing.  I would actually like to see a book 2.5 to finish this story, fill in the gaps, and give background on emotions.
It would make a great movie.  I wanted to cast parts as I devoured the book.  It is hard not to picture some things as we have seen them from movies or television shows.  The author did a fantastic job.  It is a wonderful, take me away read.  I would definitely recommend it and gladly rate it 5 out of 5 stars.

Find a Book Friday: The Mayflower Bride by Kimberley Woodhouse

Looking for a new author or new book? I found one for you that I really liked and think you will, also. Have any of you read any of Kimberley Woodhouse’s books? Her new one is a 256 page paperback by Barbour that will teach you as it moves you back a few centuries. Filled with romance, encouragement, faith, adventure and history this novel stook me on an emotional roller coaster. Only great books do that.

The Mayflower Bride: Daughters of the Mayflower (book 1) by author Kimberley
Woodhouse is a lovely Christian fiction filled with history, adventure, and overflowing with sweet romance. It is the first I have read by this author and I found it to be just wonderful. I enjoyed the author’s writing style and felt transported back in time. Her characters were well described and so was the scenery. I learned a lot of that about that time period that I did not know. Best of all this is a Christian author that wrote Christian fiction giving glory to God.IMG_1079

This is the tale of the Mayflower ship’s journey to America. It is also the story of Mary Elizabeth and William, a sweet young couple.  I felt for them each time a new death was discovered.  When they gathered strength from God and each other, I breathed a sign of relief.  I was invested in this book!  The author brings to words what the early colonist were willing to risk for freedom of religion, upon which our country was founded. It is a stark, frank reminder of what was sacrificed for our freedom which today is often overlooked.

As you probably remember from history, the Mayflower ship brought settlers to America in the 1600s. In this book readers join them. The author’s characters of Mary Elizabeth and William are fictional. However she incorporated the stories of many of those aboard the actual Mayflower. Think of a “based on a true story” type book.

Throughout this book I was reacquainted with the Separatists who traveled on the Mayflower. The strife and trials they faced before leaving England and while on the ocean are heart wrenching. This book reminded me of just how hard that must have been. Their faith was tested and strengthened time after time. They tightly clung to hope and to God. It is a true lesson in faith and hope.IMG_1080

The Mayflower Bride is fantastic. I love Christian historical romance novels. Check! This one is just that. I enjoy learning new things when reading and especially like books that have a good Christian message. Check, check! It hit those two marks, also. If you like a book filled with adventure, history, sweet romance, faith, and inspiration, then this book is for you. I highly recommend it and honestly rate it 5 out of 5 stars.