Must Read Monday: Daily Question for You & Your Child

The Daily Question for You and Your Child by Waterbrook is a delightful daily journal for parent and child.  This hardcover book has a place on its cute cover for a picture.  The cover is designed so that both girls and boys may use it.  While older kids will enjoy the questions, the cover will be a bit juvenile for them.


Waterbrook has given customers a three year journal to mark the growth of children.  Each date has a specific question along with places for three answers.  One for each of three years.  Parents with three children can adjust to include all three children in one book with replacing names for years.

It is a great interactive book.  Questions include “What is your favorite thing God has created?”  “What is your favorite shirt and why?”  These are simple questions that would receive different answers as children grow and mature.  It would make a nice keepsake for when the child has grown with a family of their own.


Journals become a chore after a few weeks, but this one certainly has potential to stay the course.  Questions could be asked before nightly prayers or at the dinner table.  Even parents could get in on the discussion to aid in kids opening up more.

This book would make a great gift.  As I stated earlier, it would make a treasured keepsake, too.  Pick up two so that you could present a completed one and blank one to a mother or father-to-be.  Grandparents would benefit from quality time discussing these questions, too.  Parents would, too.  Don’t all children need to spend time with their parents and grandparents talking about God?


I highly recommend this for anyone with kiddos.  The age is so widespread and depends on the person answering.  I rated it a 5 out of 5 stars because I love sentimental, nostalgic things.  Completed it would be a treasured book in this Gram’s library.

I received a complimentary copy from WaterbrookMultnomah.  Opinions are my own, honest ones.


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