Forgive and Forget

Get comfortable and let’s chat a little bit this morning.  Shall we?  I need to ask you something.  How easy or hard is it for you to forgive?  Wait!  Let’s back up a second.  I’m sorry.  0826DD35-5ADD-43A2-BEAB-E89FBA5BB7DEFirst, what does forgiving someone mean to you?  Do they have to ask for it?  Is it earned like respect?  Do you still feel the same way about that person or can you go back like nothing ever happened?  Are forgive and forget a married couple?  Well, I wish we were chatting over coffee and tea instead of tablets and phones.  I want to know your thoughts.

Recently I struggled with this from both sides.  An issue with a family member had completely torn me apart.  As a Christian I know I am called to forgive, but when it came down to a serious, nitty gritty situation, I was floundering.  After a lot of prayer, I fell exhaustedly face done crying for help. “I don’t really know how to forgive.”  It was at that moment in the stillness that I heard God speak to me.  “Yes, you do.  I have shown you.”
Talk about food for thought.  My mind went racing through all of the stories and scriptures I knew about forgiveness. 55C5BD65-5BB9-45A2-8D9D-61CD49CF656E In my heart and soul, I knew the answer.  My example, my teacher was Jesus.  Right?  Even in the Lord’s Prayer we pray to “forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who have trespassed against us.”  So was I forgiving like that?  Like God forgives.
When He forgives it it total.  He washes away my sins and makes me clean.  He forgives and forgets.  There is nothing else waiting to drop.  It is total forgiveness and then gone.  Poof!  If I receive this great mercy then how can I give any less.  Right?!
My forgiveness is total amnesia, the best this human mind can handle.  So yes, I would say Forgive and Forget are a couple, like salt and pepper,or peanut butter and jelly.  It is resetting the love and care button and disabling the caution or warning one.  For me to be happy and make my Savior delighted in me, I need to follow His example.  It is not being unforgiving or carrying a grudge and saying “I will forgive you but never forget what you did.”
Same goes if I need to be forgiven.  Even if I don’t know what I’ve done, sometimes making the first step in reconciliation is the most important step you’ll take.  Offer your sincere forgiveness and desire to be reunited.  Do not stir the pot once more.  That concoction has made you both sick for a long time.  Time to try something fresh and new.  Even if you start with “I don’t know why you are mad…” you have started.  Don’t give up on forgiveness given or gotten no matter how many times.
Thanks for the ear this morning.  Give it over to God, my friend.  Look to Him for your perfect example and ask for His help.  I hope if any of you are struggling with forgiving someone or being forgiven this has helped.

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