Read a Book Monday: The House at Saltwater Point

The House at Saltwater Point written by Hoosier author Colleen Coble is quite a captivating read.  If you are in the mood for a sweet little bit of romance fluff, you’d better save this one for later.  There is no fluff about this.  It is a powerful suspense, mystery that is action packed.   Although this is Book Two in her Lavender Falls Series, it could be read as a stand alone.  Book one was just as breathtaking so I would encourage you to read it, too.
This is the story of Ellie Blackmore.  Ellie buys houses and flips them, and she is quite happy doing it. The next project is her dream house and she plans on keeping it.  Her sister, MacKenzie, turns up missing.  Ellie learns unpleasant things about her sister.  There are blood stains on MacKenzie’s boat. It is unknown if she is missing or dead.
We also meet Coast Guard investigator Grayson Bradshaw.  He comes to investigate missing drugs and suspects MacKenzie.  Things happen and he learns shocking and surprising news about his own life. Wow.  This book keeps your interest and is hard to put down.
The author has a variety of secondary as well as her main characters in this book.  Each one is well defined, has believable characteristics, and interacts well with the others.  Dialog flows smoothly.  The plot has been well thought, right down to mind blowing twists and turns that are so unexpected.  The writing is so well executed that I felt as though I was there.  I felt the emotions and saw what was happening like in a movie.  Only a gifted wordsmith is able to transform words on a page to my surroundings and author Coble does it every time.
If you like international intrigue, mystery, action, terrorism suspense, danger, family secrets, With a little romance, this is the book for you.  It has a light handed sprinkling of inspiration and scriptural content.  Ellie struggles with letting God handle things in her life.  That in itself is a great life lesson we all have faced at one point.  I wish it had a heavier dose of it.  It is still a fantastic book.  I definitely recommend this captivating, don’t put me down until you are finished book.  I rated it 5 out of 5 stars.

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