In Every Thing Give Thanks

The Bible says in all things give thanks, be thankful. Do you have trouble with this, too?  Maybe that isn’t the easiest to do, but I keep trying.  If the electricity is out, I am thankful I don’t need to get cleaned up to go out.  Perhaps the glass dropped and broke, but I am thankful I wasn’t cut. D77F6883-1992-4866-972F-58DD43ECE5EC Are you seeing the pattern here?  Being thankful is finding your silver lining in the dark cloud.  It is knowing that things could have gone much worse but didn’t.
Sometimes being thankful is far, very far, from what I want to do.  What I want to do is complain and list everything that is wrong.  Maybe I want to enumerate all of the things that have failed or caused me pain and convince myself it will stay this way or possibly get worse.  That, my friends, is the deceiver whispering doom and gloom in my ear.  Does he do that to you, too.
Even in the darkest circumstances we can have things for which to give thanks.   Years ago a young family member of mine was in a horrific accident.  Damage was done to the face and I was devastated that something so terrible had happened to someone I loved with my whole heart.  While many mourned the tragedy I was struck with thanks that there was still life in the body and sight in both eyes.  Both could easily have been taken in that instant.  Was God there at that time?  Absolutely!  Otherwise the outcome would have been much different.  We had much to be thankful for that day and still do.
Look around at God’s wonders and beauty.  There is so much He has made for us.  It won’t be long and you will be thankful without even realizing it.  Rejoice and be glad in the day He has given you.  I try to do that in the simple things.  Are you glad you were able to start your day with coffee and a devotion?  Me, too, I was more than glad.  I was thankful.  Be thankful for the new adventure the day holds just for you.  Listen to the melody of the birds as they sing.  Think about the One who created a tiny creature that can do such a marvelous thing as fly!  I am thankful I am able to witness that.  Go into a bakery and just stand still for one deep sniff.   Can you almost smell that tantalizing sweet, buttery pastry now?  Now buy one.   Wow!  How thankful are you for those tastebuds?  Touch the softness of a newborn’s little hand and marvel at the perfect way God created us.  Be thankful for God Himself.
Life holds so much for us that our loving Creator has giving.  Take it and see how good life can be. Be thankful in all things today.  Find the good among the bad.  So, what are you thankful for right now?

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