Pretending to Wed by Melissa Jagears

I am so excited to tell you about this new release from author Melissa Jagears.  She is a master storyteller and produces books that will delight Christian historical fans.  This one beckoned me to begin page one and hours later I bittersweetly finished it saying goodbye to my friends.




It is another captivating novel by outstanding wordsmith Melissa Jagears.  Pretending to Wed is a Christian Historical Romance that had me turning pages to see where the story was going next.  I was immediately invested in the story.  Immediately.  I loved all of it.


This is the story of Corinne is our heroine, a laundress.  She needs out of the laundry business due to health issues with her hands.  Doing laundry for hours each day takes a toil on a body’s health.  It is also the story of Nolan.  He lost a leg when he was younger and naturally this has affected his entire life. Nolan has always done his best but could never measure up to his cousin.  Now he and Corrine both need a spouse for very different reasons.   Corrine is strong, independent, and a bit sassy.  Nolan is sincere, sweet, and adorable.  They really do make a perfect couple even if they are fighting it.
Characters are well rounded and believable.  The villains are despicable, but that was their job.  Expect a few familiar faces from her past book, Romancing the Bride, which is Book 1 in her Frontier Vows series.  If you haven’t read it you will be able to follow this one just fine.  It can be read as a stand alone.  The story is well planned and captivating.  The spiritual message is encouraging and certain to stir hearts.


I absolutely love the writing style of this author.  Her mixture of historical information with Christian inspiration is a winning combination.  Conversations sound authentic and add tremendously to the story.  The author does her research well and has a fantastic sense of humor.  Life lessons are easily threaded throughout the story leaving readers much to ponder.  One of my favorite parts of the book is Nolan’s belief in Corrine. 

This is a another winner from an author that is exemplary in writing tales that touch hearts.  I connected to the characters and felt their emotions right along with them.   I highly recommend this Christian fiction to everyone.  Reading groups would have fun and inspiration while discussing this book.  It gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.  I received a copy from the publisher but these are my honest words.

About the Author



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Much to her introverted self’s delight, ACFW Award winner and double INSPY finalist Melissa Jagears hardly needs to leave her home to be a homeschooling mother and novelist. She lives in Kansas with her husband and three children and can be found online at, Facebook, Pinterest, and Goodreads.

Romancing the Bride by Melissa Jagears Book Review

Romancing the Bride is another homerun for the extremely talented author Melissa Jagears.  This author writes Christian historical romance fiction, but it gets even better than that.  Have I got your interest yet?  She writes God glorifying books.  Her books while exceedingly entertaining provide food for the soul.  Bravo!  We need more Christian authors that are not afraid to speak or shout the Christian message instead of softly whispering it to help ratings.  Okay, if someone will help me off of this soapbox I will tell you about her latest and greatest work.


This historical romance is the tale of Annie Gephart, a ranch widow with a teenage daughter and younger son.  The book opens with Annie distraught because her hired cowboys have all left her for green pastures.  Sheriff Jacob Hendrix, the town’s most eligible bachelor, delivers a tax notice and Annie must come up with money or a plan quickly to save her land.  Jacob might possibly be the perfect man.  (Swoon.)

In this book there are so many issues brought to light.  Tough subjects that affect people today as well as back in Annie’s time.  Death of a spouse, children, and parent, parental guidance, parental approval, peer pressure, greed, despair, rebellion, jealousy, stealing, special needs, deceit, betrayal, forgiveness, love, faith, hope, and letting God be in control are some of the things the brilliant wordsmith packs in her story.  Good versus evil, coming of age versus experience, trusting God versus going off on our own, judging others versus helping are some of the not so subtle lessons woven into this captivating story.

Characters are extremely believable.  (Obviously the author has children to understand the dynamics of a sibling relationship.)  Annie and Jacob make a formidable pair.  I would love to have them for friends.  Each are well rounded including some flaws, but aren’t we all?  The children are realistic.  The author took me to a place back in time for a while and I really enjoyed it.  I wanted to know what happened but I was sad when the book ended.  How could I say goodbye to these people with whom I had become so invested.


If you are a fan of love stories, author Jagears is a professional when it comes to penning them.  The cat and mouse tension between Annie and Jacob became almost unbearable at times for this reader.  The obstacles and setbacks they faced each knocked the wind from my sails and I could feel their emotions.  With each victory I was elated.  I really enjoy the books by Mrs. Jagears.

It took me from page one to get pulled in to this book.  My interest was held throughout.  This is a “pick me up and don’t put me down until I am finished” type of book.  There are some twists and turns as well as some predictable moments.  Author Jagears always provides a bit of humor in just the right spots.  She does her research and always seems to leave readers with a bit of knowledge after finishing her book.

I highly recommend this delightful novel.  This is a perfect reading group book because there is so much to discuss.  Lovers of Christian fiction, romance, historical, and western fiction will love it.   Get yourself a copy and escape for a while.  Since it is Book One in the Frontier Vows Series that gives us more to anticipate. Am I excited about that?  You betcha!  It gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.  A copy was provided by the author but I was under no obligation to write a review.  This is my own honest opinion.



Find a Book Friday: “A Chance at Forever” by Melissa Jagears

Finds a Book Friday is here with another goodie for you. Christian Author Melissa Jagears has written the third installment in her Teaville Moral Society Series. Don’t fret if you haven’t read the other two, each book in this spectacular series may be read as a standalone, but after reading one you will yearn to read the others. “A Chance at Forever” is every bit as good as the first two books and even trumps them. I know! How could that be?! When I read Book One I was certain author Jagears had peaked and would never write a book to equal “A Heart Most Certain.” Wrong. The second book, “A Love so True,” was just as delightful. Along comes book three and it even surpasses those two.

Author Jagears is a gifted storyteller and wordsmith. Her books paint vivid tales of a time long gone, days harder than we have, and always give glory to God. She doesn’t write Christian fluff with a light sprinkling of inspiration. Jagears is heavy handed with it and I applaud her for that.  Her novels have life lessons and heart fluttering romance.  She writes a great love story.

In “A Chance at Forever” she continues her story of helping children.IMG_1694  Mercy McClain works at the town’s orphanage and is also on the school board. As a child she was bullied by many kids but especially by George Firebrook. She is still carrying around baggage from her childhood.

George Aaron Firebrook comes back to the town of Teaville to make amends for his past. He was mean and bullied others when he was younger. Now he has changed inside so he has changed his name and outside appearance, too. He wants to teach and has applied for the position in town. Mercy won’t approve his application.

True to her writing style, Author Jagears provides another book that refuses to be set down. It is so good it demands to be read. I went through a spectrum of emotion while reading this. At times I giggles and laughed, got mad, cried, caught my breath, and nodded in agreement. Jagears gives an abundant helping of inspiration, and life lessons. Topics of grace, redemption, mercy, vengeance, forgiveness (both for others and self), love, Christianity, hypocrisy and bullying are presented in a lovely way.

A wonderful surprise was the reintroduction of past, beloved characters. Charlotte (Charlie) and husband Harrison Gray opened the book, which for me was like a reunion with old friends. They aren’t the only old friends to grace this story. I literally said out loud at one point “I’ve missed you, my friend” to a character.

Aaron writes letters to everyone he has bullied and hurt. DesignHe seeks forgiveness and wants to make restitution. Some letters are not answered, but one response brings him to the Orphanage. From then on all I will say is wow! My dishes piled up and nothing got finished except this book. Oh, my! What a book.

I definitely recommend “A Chance for Love” and the Teaville Moral Society books. Actually, I recommend everything this author has written. The only thing I missed was that this one did not have discussion questions. No worries though, with the issues of bullying, forgiveness, a person’s past, and God’s love there is plenty to chat about in any group. Let me know what you think after reading it. I know you will be thrilled with it like I was.  I rated it a 6 out of 5 stars. Okay, okay.  A 5 out of 5, but it deserves more.