Wait for Me, Waters of Time Series by Jody Hedlund

Wait for Me is Book 4 in author extraordinaire Jody Hedlund’s Waters of Time Christian Time-Travel Series. This series is nothing short of captivating. If it is not made into a television or movie series, it will be a grave injustice. This may be read as a stand alone, but trust me, you will want to read the entire series. It is so fabulous. You might as well read them in order.

With her skillful pen, author Hedlund has presented a plausible solution to the time travel conundrum. It is the best I have heard yet and a Christian related one. The book is set in contemporary times and Middle Ages. Obviously a lot of research has been done to include so many details about the time period. I gleaned so much just from reading this series.

The characters are relatable and believable as well as expertly crafted. They were not perfect and had issues, just like we all do. Dawson was a perfect hero. He smoldered yet showed restraint and was a gentleman. Tall, strong, and handsome with morals. Very swoon worthy.

Conversations sounded realistic and were some of my favorite parts of the book. The romance was clean yet so heartfelt but seemed a little rushed due to the storyline. Both characters had immediate chemistry, and sparks flew off of the pages as I read.

I adore the beautiful way that the author writes. Her prose completely whisks me away to another time and place where I become absorbed in the story. Life and Christian messages are always included. Her books, especially this one, are such page-turners that I devour each in one sitting.

I highly recommend this as well as the entire series. It is nothing short of exceptional. I am hoping there will be more to this series. Everyone will enjoy this page turning, intriguing, masterpiece. I give it a 5 star review. A copy was provided but these are my honest words.

Stay With Me, Book 3, Waters of Time

Stay with me by best selling author Jody Hedlund is book three in her Waters of Time Series. This is a Christian Time Travel historical novel. Each book in the series is captivating and better than the last one.

Author Hedlund makes a plausible case for the catalyst in her time travel story. Her books are well researched, organized, besides being extremely well written. I sat down with the book to read a couple of chapters and instead read until I had finished the entire thing. I was so invested in the story, characters, and adventure.

This is the story of Sybil, a modern day strong, capable, woman that travels back to 1382 medieval England in hopes of retrieving more liquid needed to heal and time travel. The medieval man she meets is the swoon-worthy Nicholas. He is physically and morally amazing. A tough warrior that protects others, especially women, and is respectful. His story is a bit on the sad side, but he manages just fine. 

The chemistry between these two characters scorches the pages. From their first meeting it was obvious there was a big spark. The author never crosses the line for Christian and even includes a life lesson on purity. Brava!

There is so much to love about and learn from this book. I highly recommend it and give it a 5 star rating. A copy was provided by the publisher, but these are my honest words. 

Never Leave Me by Jody Hedlund Book Review

Never Leave Me by author extraordinaire Jody Hedlund is Book Two in her Waters of Time Series. Book One is Come Back to Me. This is a Christian time slip, time travel series that is so unique that it had me enthralled. I adored both books.

Author Hedlund is beyond talented. Her skill and imagination is truly a gift. With mere words she weaves a story with amazing characters, brilliant ideas, and descriptions so vivid I felt like a fly on the wall. This book is not only well written but also well researched and organized, also.

This is the tale of Ellen Creighton. She suffers from a horrible genetic disease and is close to death. It is also the tale of her friend Harrison. He is paralyzed and has been in a wheelchair for years. Their only hope is obtaining some of the holy water that was discovered in Book 1. 

There is action, mystery, intrigue, adventure, inspiration, and romance in this phenomenal captivating tale. Venture to 1380’s England and back to modern day in this page turning wonder. I learned a lot of medieval details while reading this. There is a strong Christian message woven throughout the entire book. Even though I have finished it days ago, I still think about it.

I cannot recommend this high enough. Be sure to read Book 1 first because it is so interesting, too. Both books will have you running the gamut of emotions before you finish. You will be so invested in the characters and their stories. It receives a 5 out of 5 stars from me. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley but these are my honest words.

Come Back to Me, Waters of Time Series, Book Review

About the Book:

The ultimate cure that could heal any disease? Crazy.

That’s exactly what research scientist Marian Creighton has always believed about her father’s quest, even if it does stem from a desire to save her sister Ellen from the genetic disease that stole their mother from them. But when her father falls into a coma after drinking a vial of holy water believed to contain traces of residue from the Tree of Life, Marian must question all of her assumptions. He’s left behind tantalizing clues that suggest he’s crossed back in time. Insane. Until Marian tests his theories and finds herself in the Middle Ages during a dangerous peasant uprising.

William Durham, a valiant knight comes to Marian’s rescue and offers her protection . . . as his wife. The longer Marian stays in the past, the more she cares about William. Can she ever find her father and make it back to the present to heal her sister? And when the time comes to leave, will she want to? 

Bestselling author Jody Hedlund is your guide down the twisting waters of time to a volatile era of superstition, revolts, and chivalry in this suspenseful story.

My Thoughts:

When I think of time travel stories, I always wish a Christian author would come up a with a series that would be readable. Award winning author Jody Hedlund granted my wish! I loved how she incorporated Christianity along with history to pen her phenomenal tale.

Author Hedlund has a exemplary style of writing. She researches her material and always provides new tidbits of information for me to learn. Her use of vivid descriptions she took me away to present day England and then 1300’s smack dab in the Middle Ages. Dialogues sounded authentic which helped keep me in the English mindset. She writes with a deft pen that has me staying up all night turning pages until I have completed the book. The best part is that she always includes an inspirational message.

Early in the first chapter I became invested with this unique story. I loved everything about it. The characters were realistic and individualized. The hunky knight Will was swoon worthy indeed. I loved that character. He had a heart of gold to go with his body of steel. The pair of young boys were delightful. I gleaned a lot of historical information about the Middle Ages that obviously I had forgotten from class years ago. The biblical references were awesome. The idea of healing from the Tree of Life made complete sense.

This novel is spellbinding. It has everything to keep readers captivated……romance, mystery, danger, adventure, twists, and surprises. There is a plethora of timeless life and spiritual lessons. Author Hedlund is a talented wordsmith and has produced a masterpiece worthy of a movie deal. I can only hope to see it acted out one day on screen.

The only bad part of this book is that I have to wait months before Book Two is released. Hahaha! I highly recommend it to everyone. This is a genius time slip or dual time novel. A reading group has much to discuss with this offering. It gets a 5 out of 5 star rating from me only because I can’t leave anything higher. Believe me, it is wonderful. A copy was provided but these are my honest thoughts.

About the Author:

Jody Hedlund is the author of over thirty historicals for both adults and teens and is the winner of numerous awards including the Christy, Carol, and Christian Book Award.

Jody lives in central Michigan with her husband, five busy children, and five spoiled cats. Although Jody prefers to experience daring and dangerous adventures through her characters rather than in real life, she’s learned that a calm existence is simply not meant to be (at least in this phase of her life!).

When she’s not penning another of her page-turning stories, she loves to spend her time reading, especially when it also involves consuming coffee and chocolate.