Wait for Me, Waters of Time Series by Jody Hedlund

Wait for Me is Book 4 in author extraordinaire Jody Hedlund’s Waters of Time Christian Time-Travel Series. This series is nothing short of captivating. If it is not made into a television or movie series, it will be a grave injustice. This may be read as a stand alone, but trust me, you will want to read the entire series. It is so fabulous. You might as well read them in order.

With her skillful pen, author Hedlund has presented a plausible solution to the time travel conundrum. It is the best I have heard yet and a Christian related one. The book is set in contemporary times and Middle Ages. Obviously a lot of research has been done to include so many details about the time period. I gleaned so much just from reading this series.

The characters are relatable and believable as well as expertly crafted. They were not perfect and had issues, just like we all do. Dawson was a perfect hero. He smoldered yet showed restraint and was a gentleman. Tall, strong, and handsome with morals. Very swoon worthy.

Conversations sounded realistic and were some of my favorite parts of the book. The romance was clean yet so heartfelt but seemed a little rushed due to the storyline. Both characters had immediate chemistry, and sparks flew off of the pages as I read.

I adore the beautiful way that the author writes. Her prose completely whisks me away to another time and place where I become absorbed in the story. Life and Christian messages are always included. Her books, especially this one, are such page-turners that I devour each in one sitting.

I highly recommend this as well as the entire series. It is nothing short of exceptional. I am hoping there will be more to this series. Everyone will enjoy this page turning, intriguing, masterpiece. I give it a 5 star review. A copy was provided but these are my honest words.

4 thoughts on “Wait for Me, Waters of Time Series by Jody Hedlund

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    I’m sorry to post an off-topic comment, but you said on your website that you accept prayer requests in the comments. Please pray for my father, Algernon. Thank you very much.


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