Find a Book Friday: The Life-Giving Leader

Are you a leader in any form in your life?  Most of us are in one way or another.  Whether at work, church, or home at one point we are given the reins and people look to us for directions.  The Life-Giving Leader by author Tyler Reagin is a 208 page book published by Waterbrook Press to help leaders assist others.  Author Reagin is the president of Catalyst, a leadership development organization that exists to unify and equip leaders who love the Church.  Until reading this book, I was unfamiliar with him and his organization.

This is not your typical leadership book.  In The Life-Giving Leader we see what happens to a team or individual’s under a good leader.  Normally in leadership books the focus is on the leader and what he or she accomplished.  This one is just as much about the people on the team and how the leader has changed their lives by example.
The writer’s style was a bit difficult for me.  It was more abrupt and seemed a bit uneven.  After acclimating myself to it, I got in the grove and it became easier to understand.  A rocky start did not stop me from gleaning a lot from this helpful book.  I had many highlighted pages after finishing it where I found words of wisdom.  Here are some of my favorites:
“Life-giving leadership is all about staying in deep relationship with our Heavenly Father so we can love those around us best and bring life to the people God has put in our circle of influence.” (Page 21)
“Life-giving leaders make people around them shine.”  (Page 24)
“Life-giving leadership begins with self-awareness and self-acceptance, nonnegotiable hallmarks of authentic leadership.” (Page 50)
“Self-awareness is the foundation for a lifetime of leading well.” (Page 52)
This book is sprinkled with scripture rather than having the heavy handed dose I had hoped.  The author gives food for thought and growth both personally and as a leader.  He uses personal stories, life experiences, contemporary references, and even tells us what did not work for him.  He holds nothing back.  Anyone would benefit from parts of this book.
I recommend this to leaders, aspiring leaders, and anyone wanting to improve people skills.  Actually, everyone will glean something from this book if only to realize that we are all a leader of some sort.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Waterbrook for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.

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