HeartWings Devotional by Joyce Graves, Caryl McAdoo, Nyla Kay Wilkerson, and twenty seven other Co-Hearts

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to Heart“wings” Devotional, Volume 1, a collection of devotions by Heart“wings” Blog Co-Hearts.  There are thirty contributing authors and I am honored to be included in that number.  Have you heard of the Christian women’s group on Facebook named Heart“wings” – a women’s fellowship?  It is a wonderful God centered group founded by Joyce Graves, and as the group grew an additional companion group page was added called Heart”wings” – our readers’ nook.  These pages or groups provide places for prayer requests, sister support, book reviews, author support, blogs, and other fine things.  It offers prayer support and gives God glory for giving our heart wings to soar.  “As His daughters, we use our ‘wings’ of love to make a difference.”  I am one of the Heart“wings” sisters and Co-Hearts, which are the bloggers.
Recently our co-administrator Caryl McAdoo, undertook the monumental task of compiling Heart“wings” first devotional from our daily blogs.  It is a beautiful red and white paperback of 281 pages.  Within these many pages are over one hundred messages to help readers deepen their walk with God.  Women from all ages, walks of life, and locations make up the blog team ministry.  There are bloggers, authors, pastors, retired nurses, teachers and many more. The devotions written are personal, transparent, and true. They were written for encouragement and inspiration by women who love God wholeheartedly.
Each weekday has its own theme in the blog.  Likewise our devotional is divided into Monday Memories & Ministries, Tuesday Testimonies, Wednesday Words, Thursday Thanks, and Friday Fellowship & Focus.  The messages are as varied as the Co-Hearts, but each includes scripture and questions to ponder.  After all of the messages is a listing of the Co-Hearts, complete with a short bio and picture.
Of course, I loved this fabulous book.  It came from the group that has blessed me in more ways than I could tell you right now.  The prayer support is immeasurable and floods Heaven for those in need.  Often I have requested it for myself or a loved one.  At times a blog seemed like it was custom written for me.  Just what I needed to read on just the right day is never a coincidence.  Instead of giving the author credit, I knew it was God using her as a vessel, and I thanked Him.  The Co-Heart listened to Him and was able to use her “wings” to help me and countless others.
I hope you will give this inspiring devotional a try and then find that your time with Jesus deepens.  It would make a lovely gift for a woman of any age.  The topics and messages are relevant.  They are meant to uplift, enlighten, educate, and some even to entertain.  These devotions were written by women for women.  Most importantly these were meant to bring Glory to God.  Let me know what you think after you read it.  Maybe you will be moved so much you will be led to write a devotion yourself.  Please check out Heart“wings” on Facebook and message me, Joyce, Caryl, or Becky if you would like to join our sisterhood.
Joyce –  https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009154950239
Caryl  –  https://www.facebook.com/caryl.mcadoo?ref=br_rs
or Becky –  https://www.facebook.com/lelandandbecky
$14.99 at Amazon, released 7/24/18

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