Find a Book Friday: Unafraid by Carey Scott

Let me ask you a personal question.  How authentic are you?  Perhaps being authentic and allowing people to know the real you is frightening.  If so, this will be a book that you will enjoy.  I certainly did.  At times I felt like it was written just for me.  Other times I would nod my head knowingly in understanding having traveling that road.  Whether you are a reformed scaredy cat or struggling to find your footing, this book is a mind opening, thought provoking, helpful book taking biblical wisdom.
“Unafraid – Be you. Be authentic. Find the grit and grace to shine.” by author Carey Scott is a delightfully encouraging book by Barbour Publishing, Inc.  This 256 page paperback was filled to the brim with inspiration and words to ponder long after the book has been finished.  It is a book I will keep around to share with others or read again when I need it.
This is an extremely well written book.  It was well thought, planned and organized.  The author’s style of writing is nice and easy to read as well as understand.  I felt like I was chatting with a new friend over coffee.  It was lovely to read some of the thoughts and ideas shared.  The author did her research and uses Biblical truths for encouragement and teaching.  For me that is crucial for any Christian book, fiction and non-fiction.
This book was extremely uplifting and inspired me to persevere, trust My Heavenly Father’s direction, and be the person I was created to be. Failures happen and it is best to learn from them instead of sweep them under the rug.  The most important thing I took from this book was to be myself.  Don’t be afraid to be myself, to be authentic.  If I am having a good day, share the joy.  If I am having a bad day, don’t brood but don’t say everything is just fine.
Practical tips and tricks that can be applied are presented.  These are jewels that you will use now and want to share with friends.  This is a helpful book that would make a fabulous book club read.  Even if you just gather a few friends for some positive reinforcement, read this book together and discuss it.  You will be enriched.
I highly recommend this terrific book.  Five out of five stars were gladly given for the rating.  Anyone or group would benefit from the wisdom, biblical teachings, and encouragement gleaned from it.  A copy was provided by Barbour Publishing for my honest review.

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