Find a Book (or Two) Friday: “The Celebration” and “Amish Cooking Class Cookbook”

I love to read.  Christian fiction are my favorite books, and Amish are right up there in a category of most read.  A culture of loving and caring for family and others deeply interests me, especially when coupled with a deep faith and respect for God.  Wanda Brunstetter is one of the best selling authors of Amish books.  She writes fiction, devotionals, children’s, and cookbooks in that genre as well as others.

“The Celebration” is the third book in the Amish Cooking Class Series by author Brunstetter. If you have not read the first two books, “The Seeker” and “The Blessing”, it is not a problem. However, those were excellent books, too. Each book in this exceptional series could be read alone or together for even more enjoyment.IMG_1164

Heidi Troyer is the teacher of the cooking classes. This Amish woman mixes together recipes, scripture, and prayer to help her students improve their cooking skills and daily lives. In this book, she and her husband Lyle have become foster parents to a sister and brother, Marsha and Randy. They lost their parents in an accident and are very shy. The Troyers love and care for these two children as if they were their own flesh and blood. With this deep love for the kids, they have decided to pursue adopting them.

Cooking classes for children begin and we visited some old friends from past books and are introduced to many more characters. It took time for me to keep them all straight. Not only were there students (children), but there were also parents. Each family had individual issues and needed help that Heidi intended to supply.

Author Brunstetter has a lovely writing style. Her characters become friends and I want to have a cup of tea with some of them. The dialog sounds realistic and flows effortlessly. Descriptions take me straight from my Englisch kitchen into Heidi’s and I can almost smell her muffins baking. The book is well written and takes on modern day issues. There are life lessons to be learned, especially to have faith and trust in God. It is a heartwarming read, full of emotion and very touching.

The Amish way of life intrigues me although I doubt seriously if I could give up electricity. They seem so kind, down to earth, and to put others first, especially family. I love children, cooking, and God. Christian fiction that includes recipes is a big bonus. Obviously this book hit many of my favorite things. I highly recommend it and give it a 5 star rating.  It is delightful.IMG_1165

Did you notice today is a twofer?  The second book is the Amish Cooking Class Cookbook.  Let me just say…..amazing!  This is a cookbook to be read and used.  Recipes compiled are from the three novels and various Amish women.  Readers will find a section on advice or tips from Amish cooks.  The recipes are divided and subdivided into normal cookbook categories.  Look for the Recipes for Kids section.  It is a nice one, and kiddos will enjoy it.

Descriptions of the cast of characters from the cooking classes and pictures of the book covers are in the book.  Scripture is sprinkled throughout which is a treasure.  The pictures are vivid and beautiful.  It is spiral bound so it will open up flat on your counter making it easier to follow along when mixing and stirring.  This is a cookbook for cooks, those just learning to cook, and those that like to read cookbooks. It will make a delightful gift for so many people.  Don’t forget to get one for yourself.  Another 5 star book that I highly recommend to you.


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