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Today on my Find a Book Friday blog, I am privileged to be part of the “Amber Eyes” blog tour. Author S.D. Grimm has written a 460 page sequel to “Scarlet Moon” in her “Children of the Blood Moon” thrilling series. Book three, “Black Blood” is expected out in January 2019 and I am eagerly awaiting it.  Be sure to join the Facebook party on January 30th for lots of fun and information.  The author will be there.

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These books are categorized as YA (young adult) fantasy fiction. There is no age limit on the entertainment and enjoyment readers receive from this series. Both young and older adults will immediately be drawn into the creative adventures author Grimm creates. The first book was a wonderful find for me. This one was even better. The author is so gifted that I found myself in the middle of another time and place. My emotions were raw. I was elated and saddened, joyful and frightened, and a multitude of emotions in between. What the well described characters felt, I did, too. I was in the story. It takes a great writer to accomplish that.

In Book One, “Scarlet Moon”, the theme seemed to be love. Love for each other, the land and animals. Relationship love. It opened the day before Jayden was to be married. This book concentrates on choices, decisions and consequences. Doing things that make a difference no matter what happens is hard. Characters have difficult choices to make.

About the book:

“Darkness retreated from the light of the scarlet moon, but has since grown even stronger. The Mistress of Shadows has found a new pawn—one that may be the key to unlocking the door to her underground prison. Now evil threatens to escape its shackles and destroy the land.  In the aftermath of loss and betrayal, Jayden’s fight with the enemy still isn’t over. But while she isn’t sure she can stop the Mistress alone, leaving her friends might be the only way to keep them from being consumed by the darkness.  With lives hanging in the balance—and no time for error—can Jayden make the right choice?”

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Ethan needs to release his revenge and use his gift as it is meant, but to what result? Serena must decide whether to heal people or obey the council. One choice will keep her safe but one will not. The Healers also have a choice to make: if they, too, will all aid the Deliverers or continue to conceal themselves. There is a lot going on with Jayden. It is time for her to accept her place as Deliverer, and not just a camp follower anymore. Thea is a very interesting and confusing character. Gifts play a big part in this book, too. All in all this fantasy world is in chaos, needs a Deliverer to help, and there are more to people than meets the eye.

Expect a page turning, twist and turn, action adventure book that you will not want to put down. Romance and relationships are mixed in with the mystery and intrigue. Animal lovers will be thrilled with the interactive parts and gifts written in this wonderful book. I wanted to devour it but at the same time did not want it to end. It definitely gets a 5 out of 5 star rating from me. I would recommend it to teens and up. Younger readers would not understand some of the relationship material or might be frightened. There is an abundance of killing in this. While it is a Christian book, it leans more Old Testament with the violence. It is an emotional roller coaster of a read. This would be a fun book club read. I definitely wanted to talk about it with someone who experienced it, too.


Amber Eyes Grand PrizeWant to dive into a new world? Enter to win a signed copy of both Amber Eyes and Scarlet Moon, a grimmlie dragon of the dragon on the cover (made by the author), a charm bracelet (made by her Captain America), and a $10 amazon card.  US only.

Link to giveaway:


About the author:

S.D. Grimm’s first love in writing is young adult fantasy and science fiction, which is to be expected from someone who looks up to heroes like Captain America and Wonder Woman, has been sorted into Gryffindor, and identifies as rebel scum. Her patronus is a red Voltron lion, her spirit animal is Toothless, and her favorite meal is second breakfast. She is represented by Julie Gwinn of the Seymour Agency, her office is anywhere she can curl up with her laptop and at least one large-sized dog, and you can learn more about her upcoming novels at http://www.sdgrimm.com

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