Read A Book: “Devotions for the Hungry Heart” by Shellie Tomlinson

Did you get a devotional for Christmas?  If you are like me, you read more than just one per day.  I have one for when I have my coffee, one in the afternoon, and another at night.  DesignOften I will be given other to add to my library, like this one.  “Devotions for the Hungry Heart” is the first book that I have read by author Shellie Rushing Tomlinson, but I am certain it will not be my last. I fell in love with this 20 week devotional immediately and devoured it within a few days. (I know! I couldn’t help myself.) This sweet 272 page hardcover book is published by Shiloh Press. The padded cover is inviting and feels nice to the touch. There are glossy full color pictures which adorn the center which are beautiful and have yummy recipes. I love recipes in books.

In the introduction, the author says, “Whether you have a healthy craving for more Jesus, or the barely discernible taste for a relationship with Him that seems beyond your reach, the glorious truth is that God put that hunger in your heart in the first place, and He is more willing to fan that flame than you or I could ever be.” How is that for encouragement? Do you see why I fell in love so quickly? She had me at “craving for more Jesus.” The older I get the more my soul craves to be closer, near to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This book gave me daily servings of that.

Author Shellie has a very nice style of writing. Her devotions are only one to two pages long, but she loads them with powerful words. The way she writes is smooth and her message just flows easily from the pages into my heart and mind. Using topics that are relatable to us she inspires us in her open and honest way. Reading it is like chatting with a friend, prayer partner, Designor Sister in Christ over a cup of coffee.  One that just gets you. I found the author to be witty, humorous, God glorifying, encouraging, approachable and transparent. She taught me what being hungry for Jesus meant. Dividing that up into six topics: Sharing, Needing, Celebrating, Praying, Surrendering and Being Intentional, the author explained in her sweet Southern style. I have continued pondering them long after finishing her book. Have you ever thought what an example of being hungry for more Jesus liked like? Think about it a minute. Better yet, just get this book.

One of the great things about this devotional is that it isn’t dated. Readers do not need to worry they are missing out by not starting it on a certain date. It has daily devotions, Monday through Saturday, that could be started at anytime. There is an illustration along with the scripture and message. A ribbon bookmark is sewn into the book so that your place will be kept. The recipes in the center are from the author’s cookbook, “Hungry Is a Mighty Fine Sauce.” After the devotions, there is a Scripture reference page. Very helpful for future use or when counseling a friend.

This book is definitely a keeper and one to give away. It gives encouragement to all Christians whether you are a new seeker or older seasoned one. Everyone will glean something from this beautiful, delightful food for the soul book. The only problem you will encounter is where to keep it – on the breakfast table or nightstand! Well, that and limiting yourself to one devotion per day. I will be buying many for gifts. A definite 5 star recommendation from this hungry for Jesus gal.



2 thoughts on “Read A Book: “Devotions for the Hungry Heart” by Shellie Tomlinson

  1. WOW! I found your blog through a google alert. It blessed me! THANK YOU for sharing the Jesus journey with me. Let’s seek Him together, forever. He is worthy! 🙂


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