What do you think of when someone says Christmas?

Christmas.  One word but very powerful.  What do you think about when someone says Christmas? Quick….what was your first thought?   Family? Food? Cookie making? Decorations? Santa? Gifts? The Nativity?Baby Jesus?  There are so many things associated with Christmas. Right?! It takes days to prepare for it. It is the same date every year, December 25th, but some years it seems to come quicker than others for me. This year is one of them, but it is coming whether I am ready or not.

One thing that keeps me sane and grounded instead of frenzied is to remember it is Advent. Do you participate in Advent? Advent Season is in the end stages now so I have had twenty days to get my priorities in order. Christians start December 1st preparing their hearts and minds for the true meaning of Christmas. Even if you did not begin December 1st, it is never too late to jump in. Reflecting on God is what I do first. What better place to start than with God for anything? Think about the powerful Maker of everything deeming we needed help here on Earth so He came down as a baby. Living life among us, Jesus changed our lives forever. Literally, He changed our eternity.IMG_0064

Our Father, Creator, God Almighty came to Earth not as a royal prince, waited on hand and foot. Oh no! He came to an everyday couple, lowly not affluent. Everything did not go what we think of as perfect, but it went according to God’s plan.  The couple was out of town with no place to stay when Mary’s labor began, and they were allowed to take shelter in a stable or cave along with animals.  Mary had her baby away from home, friends, and midwives to give birth amidst animals.  That was God’s plan. His plan also included His Son being beaten and crucified later in life. Jesus made a bridge between God and man. We are now able to go straight to our Heavenly Father and ask for forgiveness for our sins. Our debts have been paid by the Lamb of God. No more sacrifices are necessary. Jesus opened Heaven’s doors for us.  He set us free and it cost us nothing. We just need to receive His gift, believe He is God’s Son, and repent of our sins.

Take a few minutes out of the hectic, Christmas rush today. Stop wrapping presents and baking cookies. Give shopping a break. Grab a cup of hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. Find a quiet place to sit where you won’t be disturbed.  Spend some quiet time with your Creator. The One that cared enough about you that He sent His Son to Earth to give you salvation is waiting to hear from you this Advent. Let Him help you prepare your heart. Don’t stress and worry that things are not getting done. You don’t need to spend hours in prayer.  Let the Holy Spirit guide you.  Even if it is 3 or 5 minutes it will be well worth it.  Spending time with God in prayer will reward you in ways you could never imagine.IMG_0060

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