Read a Book Monday: #GOSPEL

Are you a Bible reader? Have the stories in the Bible ever seemed not relevant to life today? I found a book that takes scripture and applies it to everyday modern life. It was written to give life, hope, and truth to Generation Now. A generation that is seeking God and desperately needs to find Him.


#GOSPEL: Life, Hope, and Truth for Generation Now by author Daniel Rice was a refreshing look at Scripture and the Gospels.  It has a revolutionary, contemporary new insight to catch attention fast.  Just like in today’s fast faced world with television, video games, and going from one thing to another, author Rice is ready to grab attention and not let go.  This young adult ministry and evangelism book from Barbour Publishing will draw in young adults and older ones, too. The large hashtag on the front cover is filled with trendy hashtags such as #Craycray. Just the cover will draw teens and twenty somethings to the book.

“Five to ten seconds.  After that, the filter kicks in.”

There are chapters filled with stories that really explain things in the language of today for the generation of today. The author explains that in our world today we have a short few seconds to make an impression on someone and win them over to listen to our story.   “Five to ten seconds.  After that, the filter kicks in.”  Most of the time we are tuned out, shut out. Author Rice has taken the gospel and put it in everyday language and situations so that the Now Generation will better understand it. He has made it contemporary and new. Taking the stories from Paul in Romans this author uses everyday examples and tales to make the Bible relevant and alive TODAY.

This is the first book I have read by author Rice. I really enjoyed it. He has a very smooth, easy writing style. The book was nice to read and hard to put down. It was interesting, gave me ideas, and made sense. I would give this to a wide variety of people. People seeking God, those with questions about their new found faith, teenagers and young adults, people working with youth, are just some of the ones that would benefit from this book. For me this is a five star read. It truly is a great book and I plan on giving a few copies this Christmas. You should, too.



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