Read a Book Monday: “Convicted” a true story and must read

Some books are good diversions from everyday life.  Others grab me by my heart and won’t let go even after I finish them.  This one still has me in its grasp.  “Convicted: A Crooked Cop, an Innocent Man, and an Unlikely Journey of Forgiveness and Friendship” is a page turning, engulfing true story by authors Jameel Zookie McGee, Andrew Collins, and Mark Tabb. This is the story of two men and how Jesus worked in their lives to provide healing and forgiveness. Set in Benton Harbor, Michigan and St. Joseph across the river, this story tells of the different lifestyles the two places provide.  It is a story of black and white, right and wrong, grace and mercy, forgiveness and redemption, and God’s healing love.

Convicted is an excellent well researched, written, and organized story. The writing is done in a nice manner. It flowed smoothly and the story definitely held my IMG_7159attention from page one until I finished the book. I ran the gamut of emotions while reading the story, too. Rage, disbelief, love, heartbreak, forgiveness, grace, and everything in between. I cried (and cried) while reading this touching story.

This true story is the tale of two men, a white policeman and a black man shopping for food. Their lives intersect at a store in Benton Harbor, Michigan. The shopper, Jameel McGee, was arrested but did not commit the crime. Andrew Collins, the policeman, falsely arrested him for possession of drugs with the intention to hdistribute. Jameel is obviously angry and disturbed about the unlawful arrest. To be sure that another drug dealer is in jail and off the streets, Officer Collins falsifies his report and lies to the court about Jameel. This sends Jameel to prison for three years. As time goes on, Jameel hears from God and learns to forgive and let go. IMG_7161Andrew on the other hand has continued his bad ways and ends up in prison himself.

The lessons learned in this book are relevant in today’s society. First off, we need to be honest. God has given us laws to live by and we need to obey them, We need to show grace and forgive others. We can and should, no must, turn to God and ask for His forgiveness first. Healing comes from Him. Redemption comes from God.

I would recommend this to everyone. Men and women alike will enjoy this book. Teens, too. It stays with you long after you have finished it. Really a thought provoking book. This would be a fantastic book club read because it needs to be discussed. I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t made into a movie someday. Definitely a 5 star rating.


2 thoughts on “Read a Book Monday: “Convicted” a true story and must read

  1. I just watched an interview with these gentlemen and seen the grace of God and forgiveness and the unlikely friendship that developed. This book is definitely on my list to read. Thank you for the review.


  2. Thank you so much for your riveting review,Nyla! Now let’s get a small group of godly ladies together to read and discuss this book! Lynda, Shannon, Mary Beth, Sherry, Deanna and me !! Come on let ‘s do it! Does it have discussion questions at the end??


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