Playing Games Taught This Gram Some Valuable Things about My Granddaughters and Priorities

Do you like to play game? I love games. Cards, board games, charades, word games, or even hide and seek are all fun to me. My entire family has played games as far back as I can remember. When I was small we played “I Doubt It,” “Button, Button,” “Kick the Can,” “Crazy 8’s”, and a list that would fill up this entire page. In High School we had “Monopoly” tournaments and played a word game called “Probe”. They make good memories and help keep minds sharp, too.

Recently our kids, grandkids, and my parents came over for dinner on Sunday night. It was a nice family evening of food, family, and fun. I played a game with my twin granddaughters, M&M (yes, they are sweet as candy), and son. The game was called “Things.” Have you played it? My hubby ventured out from in front of the television to see why we were laughing and hollering. We were having a ball! One person, the reader, reads a question that everyone answers on a piece of paper. He then reads the answers and the others try to guess who said which answer. Try playing this with twins. Very difficult. A couple of times mother and son had similar or the same answers.


Questions were all over the place. “Things you should not say to a policeman when getting a ticket” or “Things you wish your parents had told you.” One grand girl said to the latter, “take socks to a sleepover.” Parents, remember that. Our same answer came on “Things that need a referee” to which we both said…….”this game!”  The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree here.

My aha moment came with question “Things you would buy if you won $1 million.” My son dreamed of a better vacation for his family while I wanted a vacation home large enough for our entire family in the Smoky Mountains. We were both shamed by the girls’ responses. “Help for the homeless” and “Give to charity and homeless people.”  Wow, what generous answers!

This Mother’s and Gram’s heart swelled with love and pride. My son has done a fabulous job teaching his children priorities and what is really important in life.  Let’s not forget his dear wife.  It was a tag team job. The girls have gentle, loving, giving souls already. Their answers were much better than ours. Obviously this was just a “what if” game, but they still answered with their hearts.

How were your answers? Did you play along with us?  How would your children or grandchildren do? Make memories with them and use a fun game to teach lessons, too. Sometimes you might be the one that learns something.  You might be pleasantly surprised!

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matt. 6:21 NIV


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