God’s Timing is Perfect

I love animals, most of them anyway. My house doesn’t feel quite like a home without at least one dog and cat. Unfortunately within the past year or two my senior pets all crossed that rainbow bridge except my eleven year old Peke-a-poo protector Samson. I laughingly asked my hubby “please don’t ever tell Sam he’s a d.o.g.” To which he replied “Don’t worry. He wouldn’t believe me anyway.” That’s how important my furbabies are to me. They are family.

Previously at different times I had two Siamese cats, and this is the breed for me. I knew it was important to me that I rescue and not buy my pet so I searched and found the Siamese Cat Rescue Center. They are nationwide and divided into regions. I completed an application, got references, and received a telephone interview. The objective of this organization is to place the right cat with the right person. I was asked what I was looking for in a cat: lap sitter or active, gets along with animals and children, chatty, likes affection or a loner. After the conversation the interviewer determined a male cat, no younger than 18 months or so would be right for us, but no “torties”. I was excited and ready. Bring on the kitties!

Looking at the pictures I discovered I liked them all. I wanted a cat so I put in to be considered for a few of them. For one reason or another each time the adoption just didn’t work. There were family health issues, the cat wouldn’t do well with kids or dogs, or it was outside our transport area. After five months I had almost given up hope, but not JoAnn, my Fairy Catmother. She was diligently watching for the right match. She knew what I needed and had it down to a science. A male, lap sitter, love bug, chatty, playful, good with kids and dogs. JoAnn worked endlessly to make sure I received the “purrfect” pet. She assured me the right one was out there and just hadn’t come along yet. “Be patient.”

Throughout this ordeal I prayed and asked God for the right pet at the right time. It was difficult waiting. I was impatient. How silly was that? I asked my Creator and Maker of the universe for the perfect pet at the perfect time and got upset because that hadnt happened. God is good even when we don’t deserve it. He stills loves us and answers prayers.

One day it happened like JoAnn said it would. I watched the pages and saw a new boy. I never believed in love at first sight until I saw my Jesse’s picture. When I viewed it I immediately knew he was my forever furbaby and I was his human. I was in love. The waiting had paid off. He was available for adoption at 9:00 a.m. the next morning so I set a reminder on my iPad. It went off and I signed up as “First in Line” to adopt him! He is a beautiful seal point with sky blue eyes that melt my heart. After being here only three days he was right at home. He and Sam eat sleep, and play together. Jesse follows me around like a shadow, comes running when called and loves to play.  My life has so much joy in it with this sweet boy. Even my husband remarks that it is like we found a missing piece to our family we didn’t know we lost.


Could I have found a nicer, cuter, sweeter, cat? Absolutely not. He’s perfect! God answered my prayer in His time. If I had gotten a cat earlier, I would have missed out on this jewel.  Even though it is hard, the best thing to do is pray and wait. God’s timing is perfect. Believe me, I know from experience.

Psalm 27:14 “Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord!”

P.S.  If you are wanting to adopt a cat, I highly recommend the Siamese Cat Rescue.  They are still checking on us and offer great support.  Their cats come microchipped, with all shots, neutered, and with a goodie bag of food, treats, toys, scratching pad, and surprises.  It is very affordable and offers a senior discount.

3 thoughts on “God’s Timing is Perfect

  1. This came at the perfect time for me. I had applied to adopt a dog, and had been contacted to have my home visit. When I checked their site the next day, I saw that the dog I wanted had been removed from the “available” list. Thinking this was normal procedure when someone was interested in a specific dog, I was looking forward to getting the house ready for our inspection. This morning, I received an email letting me know that the dog had gone to someone else.
    Your wonderful blog has reminded me that God’s timing is perfect, and someday, I will find my perfect pup.


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