Are you Paying Attention?

One busy Saturday at my bookstore, Heaven Help Us, I was working the counter when a man walked up. Immediately I could tell he needed assistance. The poor man looked so out of place in our store amid the books, jewelry, artwork, and pretty knack knacks. I asked how I could help him and he smiled saying his wife sent him in for a book. Obviously he was there to please his bride.

“What’s the title of the book?” I asked ready to check inventory. He shook his head. “Okay, we can figure this out another way. Who is the author?”
“Don’t know that either” he said with a frown.
I knew my books so I wasn’t going to be beaten. ” Tell me what it’s about.”
“It’s about time I paid more attention to my wife,” he answered seriously. “I’m gonna call her, pay attention, and be back.” He said over his shoulder as he causally strolled out of my store.

How many times have I half listened to a loved one like that? What was I doing that was more important than giving my husband or mother my undivided attention? Did I stop what I was doing or multi-task. Worst, what about God? Have I been too busy with other things to listen to His sweet voice guiding and directing me? Did I know even a little bit of what He was saying or miss it all? God allows us another chance, but we need to learn from our mistakes. We need to give ourselves wholly to Him, not just a small amount.

The man came back in. Not only did he buy the book his wife wanted (Heaven is for Real), but he added some Old Fashioned Peppermint Candy and a Journal on as an extra treat. He was a good guy that just got caught up in a busy world, like we all do at times. There was something he wanted to get done before he ran errands so he did that while he talked to his wife. It didn’t work. Not even a little bit. He went back and started over. This time he gave it his 100%, undivided attention and the results were much different. He knew everything. Title, author, what the book was about, and how much it cost. He really listened and it made a huge difference.

What about us? Do we learn when we don’t listen to Abba? Are we repentant and tell Him we made a mistake? Do we ask for Him to repeat His message? Or do we just continue to multi-task and miss it?

“So give yourselves completely to God…” James 4:7 NC

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