My Sister “Fifi”

When I was young I desperately wanted two things: a French poodle and a sister. I don’t know where the French part came from but it was always a French poodle, never just a poodle. For years I prayed God would send them. I even asked my Mother if I couldn’t have one of those could I at least have a big brother? She assured me that would never happen. One of my best childhood friends was one of nine children, mostly boys. Boy did I feel underprivileged.

When I was seven years old I remember playing with my Barbies in my bedroom. Mom came in all smiles. I thought she was going to play with me. Not so. She said “you are finally going to get what you have always wanted” and took my hand. I was so excited and answered “a French poodle!” “No,” she said, “a little brother or sister in a few months.” With a boo lip I told her “but I really wanted a French poodle.” My Mother laughed and said we’d just wait and see what I thought when the baby came.  “Okay, but I want a sister, then.”

Months later it happened.  Daddy phoned to say the doctor released Mother and baby sister. He would deliver them home very shortly. I could hardly wait. I practically flew into the den and tugged my junior sized rocker into the living room. Then I rushed to the bathroom as my aunt watched bewilderedly. I scrubbed my hands, dried them off and grabbed a clean towel. Back to the living room, huffing and puffing, I opened the front door to get the perfect distance, placed my rocker smack dab in front of the door and waited.  I wiped my hands off, the arms of my chair, tossed the towel away and settled in for the longest wait any seven year old had to endure.  When the car pulled in the driveway, my heart nearly leapt out of my chest, arms went out and I was ready for the door to open so that I could get my clean hands on the sister I had been praying for these many years. My parents could barely get in but they did.  I remember the way my sister looked, felt, and smelled.  I remember crying.  She was so beautiful.  She was a gift from God.  It was love at first sight for me. Throughout the years I bossed her around as all older siblings do, included her in my activities, my friends were okay with her being around, and when she went two hours away to college I would leave work at 5:00 and drive down just to take her to dinner because she was homesick.  I loved her unconditionally and still do.

As we got older we worked together at the same agency for a while. After I retired to stay at home and freelance, I babysat her amazing children until Grammy retired. The time alone with my sister, nieces, and nephew (and Mom) was precious. See, God knows what we need and when we need it. That was the right time, the right age difference, and the right everything for me. Much better than a French Poodle!

Keep praying and don’t be disappointed when God sends you a replacement to your request. Trust Him. He knows best.  You might not really need that Poodle.  Believe me, I know, even if my Mother wouldn’t let me name my sister Fifi.

“If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask Him!”
Matt. 7:11

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