Book Review “The Seekers”

Have you visited any Amish communities or read any Amish books? Are you intrigued with the Amish culture? I am fascinated by their lifestyle. Their deep family love is inspiring. The simple life they lead is inviting although this girl would have trouble without electricity and other modern conveniences. I would love big family gatherings and playing games. No air conditioning or curling iron, not so much. I recently read “The Seekers” by Wanda Brunstetter and was taken on an Amish vacation. I would recommend this book to you.

This book has everything that I enjoy in Christian fiction. Author Wanda has included plenty of scripture in her book. There are inspirational messages dealing with love, forgiveness, values, respect, and redemption. The present day issues of PTSD, unwanted pregnancy, bullying, and family relations are discussed. Cute children and dogs are included along with the adult characters. Recipes of six Amish dishes follow the story. After the recipes are 15 discussion questions for individual or group reflection and discussion. The last page is information about the author, Wanda.

Wanda has a nice way of writing. Her characters all have a wide variety of personalities and issues. Some main and secondary characters are so lovable while others are just terrible villains. Wanda knows how to write! In this book you will meet Heidi and Lyle, the Amish couple. Heidi teaches the cooking classes. Her students are Ron, Eli, Loretta, Charlotte, and Kendra. Each student has a unique story and issue. As Heidi teaches her class directions are given for an Amish dish in such vivid detail that I wanted to go to my kitchen and cook along side them. I wanted to smell the delicious aromas that were coming out of my book. Now I want to take a cooking class even though I have written a cookbook myself!

This is a lovely book. I became friends with the cooking members and became invested in their lives very early, Heidi’s, too. The story is interesting immediately. I couldn’t put it down from page one and am counting the days until the sequel, although it does not leave you hanging.

I would definitely recommend this delightful Amish tale to anyone. It is wonderful. I absolutely loved it. There are twists, humor, Amish recipes, Amish words, great descriptions of the Amish life and country, and mystery. I rated this 5 out of 5 stars. A copy was provided by Barbour and the author for my honest opinion.

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