Southern Girl

Welcome to my blog. Thank you for visiting and taking time out of your busy life to share some time with me. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and let’s chat.

Even though I am a Hoosier, I am a Southern girl. We live on the Indiana-Kentucky boarder which residents refer to as Kentuckiana. I was born here and love it. There is something about the Southern life and manners that appeal to me. I like hearing please and thank you. My children say “yes, ma’am” and “no, sir”. If we are in a crowded room, my children gladly offer their seats to elderly or disabled. Men open doors for women. Family is important.

We grew up going to church on Sundays and followed that with big family dinners at my Mammaw’s farm house with all of the extended family. It was there that cousins became more like siblings while aunts and uncles were a second set of parents. Grandparents were revered, never sassed or corrected, only adored and obeyed. Men didn’t wear hats at the table, children sat at the “kid’s table”, elbows were off of the table, napkins were on our laps, and we asked permission to get up. Conversation was always appropriate. Dinner consisted of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, rolls, slaw, tomatoes and sweet tea. Very sweet tea. Dessert always followed and it was scrumptious. Everything was homegrown and homemade. After lunch we played tag, kick the can, marbles, and walked to the barn or creek. The men pitched horseshoes. The women cleaned up and looked through magazines. Sometimes before we all left for our four separate homes we would play a big family game of “Button, Button”, “I Doubt It”, or “Riddly, Riddly, Ree”. And talk. Boy did we talk! We chattered away from “come on in” until “see you next Sunday”. We knew who everyone was dating, what grades we all received, who helped at home, who was in trouble, and secrets we overheard. I was blessed to be one of eleven grandchildren and never felt my grandparents had a favorite. I loved my family and waited from one Sunday until the next just to see them again. Just to talk to them.

Much like I loved getting together with family on Sundays to talk and catch up on life, I love talking to my Abba. Once a day is never enough. Once a week would be pure torture. I couldn’t endure it. There are so very many things I need to bring before Him – sick friends, pregnant friends, children being bullied, family that needs help or healing, someone traveling, a child having surgery, a friend needing a job, and the list is endless. I need to talk to my Father for guidance, protection, and help. I want to make good decisions and need His direction. Do you pray, too? Are you like me and find once a day is not enough?

Unfortunately things today are quite different from the days of Sunday family dinners in the country. Where Sunday used to be set aside for families, now there are sporting events, bridal showers, Tupperware parties, golf games, and work. Days of leaving your house unlocked are long gone. One thing that hasn’t changed is God still wants for us to talk to Him and hears our prayers. He longs to hear from us like any parent longs to hear from His child.

The title of my blog is Abba’s Prayer Warrior Princess. As you can tell from my picture, I don’t look like a warrior or a princess, but I am a Daddy’s girl. My Father in Heaven, Abba, has called me His daughter. He is the King of all things, so I am a Princess. I pray to Him often each day fighting things. Fighting against illness. Fighting for good things to happen. Fighting against bad things, evil things. Praying through the powerful, Holy Name of Jesus. The One who died for me and conquered death. There is power through His holy, righteous name and blood. I pray. I am fighting for Him. I am a Warrior. I am Abba’s Prayer Warrior Princess.

Do you need someone to fight for you? Pray for you? If you need prayer, leave your request on the contact page. I will join you in prayer.

I Thess. 5:17 Pray without ceasing.

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