Bailey, The Camp Club Girls Collection, by Linda Carlblom

Today I take a break from adulting and go back a few (quite a few) years to discuss a book I just finished that is aimed toward preteen and early teenage girls.  This book was a 4-in-1 Mystery Collection of some of Bailey’s books.  It is 386 pages so each tale is about 100 pages.


Did I enjoy these four mysteries?  Absolutely.  If I did I can imagine how much a preteen girl would.  The young ladies in these books are diverse and have good Christian morals. Their characters are well defined making it easy to imagine and relate to each one.

The writing is very nice.  It is smooth and easy to follow.  The story flows and is interesting.  Girls will find it easy to become invested in the lives of their new friends.

Each book has a mystery to solve from a different state in our Country.  There is information provided about the area that readers might not previously know.  Learning something new from a book is great!  While the book isn’t preachy, it isn’t one you need to be concerned will lead your child or grand down a wrong path.

Girls will relate to situations, characters, and even locales in this delightful series.  They will want to solve the mysteries along with the characters.  I know that I did.


It would be a wonderful book to start an early teen reader group.  Even a mother/grandmother reading and discussing it with their girl would open doors to many timely topics.  Unfortunately there are no discussion questions in the book.

I highly recommend it.  Grab a couple of copies and girls to start a young ladies reading group.  Plant the seeds for the love of reading and books now.  They will flourish in a garden with others.  I gave this series a 5 out of 5 stars.  If only these books had been around when I was younger!

A copy was provided by the publisher but I was not required to write a review.  These are my own, honest words.



About the book:

Join Bailey and the Camp Club Girls as they embark on a series of clue-filled adventures and crack the case in this entertaining and action-packed 4-in-1 mystery collection.

What’s the meaning of the mysterious messages beneath shaggy sheep coats at the Curly Q ranch?  The Camp Club Girls are determined to uncover the clues as they investigate a strange string of events. Will the girls discover the whereabouts of eccentric millionaire Marshall Gonzalez?

Why are wild elk running amok in Estes Park?  During a stay at the historic Stanley Hotel, Bailey and Kate encounter out-of-control stampedes that put the townsfolk and tourists in danger. Will the Camp Club Girls uncover the reason behind the unusual elk behavior before someone gets hurt?

Are the rumors surrounding a valuable turquoise mine true? When Bailey and Elizabeth travel to a Native American village in New Mexico to help out a distant cousin and her children in their pottery shop during the busy tourist season, mysterious rumors begin to stir. The Camp Club Girls have their suspicions about rightful ownership of the mine, but will they be able to prove it?

Who’s responsible for the peril at Mermaid Park?  When Bailey and Sydney are invited to spend part of the summer with Bailey’s grandmother in Florida, both girls are fascinated by the local attraction—Mermaid Park. When curious and frightening events begin to take place, will the Camp Club Girls solve the mystery and save the park before time runs out?

About the Author


Linda McQuinn Carlblom is a Christian children’s writer and speaker who has loved kids ever since she was one. She has the uncanny knack of remembering how she felt as a child, which allows her to write with humor and empathy for her readers. Whether writing fiction or nonfiction, she writes with straightforward honesty that kids relate to. Her faith permeates everything she writes without being preachy or judgmental. If she’s not writing for kids, she loves writing to those who impact them most, their parents and teachers. After God, her top three loves are her family, reading, and cheesecake.
Learn more about Linda and her books at her website:
An avid social media fan, she’d love to have you follow her.
Learn more about Linda and her books at her website:
An avid social media fan, she’d love to have you follow her.
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