On my Read a Book Monday blog today, I have another new to me author to introduce to you. Are you a fan of suspense novels? Do you enjoy figuring things out while reading a heart pounding adventure book? How about medical action books? Bingo! I think I have just the book and author for you.

Let me begin by catching my breath and saying “wow”! Author Jordyn Redwood has penned a fast paced, action adventure, mystery, espionage Cihristian romance in her “Fugitive Spy”. IMG_1448It was a page turning, don’t put me down book, and I didn’t until the final page. Just the title suggests a good, action, spy novel, and that it was.  You might even learn a life lesson or two from the Christian, inspirational messages.

Author Redwood’s fans tell me that she never disappoints and always provides a well written, researched, and thought out story.  I would agree.  This one is no exception. It is the tale of Casper English and Ashley Drager. She is an Emergency Room Doctor and he is in the hospital with amnesia. Ashley finds an eerie connection with Casper and learns there are men pursuing him. Casper has a picture of Ashley as well as an identical tattoo that her father has. To make things even more mysterious, Ashley’s father has gone missing. When men begin looking for Casper Ashley whisks him away to protect him, treat him, and so it begins.

This was a great, easy to follow espionage mystery with twists and turns. The book itself is a small one. It has a nice romance with believable characters.  I love the heroine being a doctor.  Characters are realistic and ones that I would want for friends. It doesn’t take long to become invested in their story. I was into the book immediately and began to make friends with this couple quickly. IMG_1452They were thrust into the middle of serious situations and biological warfare. It is a frightening and compelling tale. I had a love/hate relationship with it. Parts of it scared me, parts were not what I thought, I couldn’t read it fast enough, but I hated to see it end.

The author has a wonderful way of making characters and situations come to life. I love that not only is this a mystery, suspense, action romance, but that it is a Christian one. Sprinkled throughout the story are inspirational messages. The dialog was plentiful, smooth, and sounded natural even for such a critical situation. I enjoy good dialog in fiction. Descriptions were spot on but not overly long and boring. It was about a situation way above my head but author Redwood used easy to understand language without talking down to readers. I gladly give this a 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it. If you like Christian mysteries, suspense, medical, action, spies, intrigue with romance, this is the book for you.  This is a book for so many people.  Buy one for a buddy so you can discuss those “wow” moments.



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