Let’s Talk About Prayer

Today I would like to talk to you about prayer and a book I just read. What are your thoughts and actions on praying? For me, talking to God is an essential part of my life. The more I learn about prayer, the more I realize I do not know about how to specifically pray.

Don’t get me wrong; I know God hears all of the prayers of His children. With the impact of spiritual warfare, I wanted to find out what we as believers could specially pray to help our families, friends, ourselves, and especially God’s Kingdom. My best friend and prayer partner blessed me by sending a book on prayer, and I had many questions answered. If you are like me and want more specific biblically based information on prayer, get “Fire Prayers: Building Arsenals that Destroy Satanic Kingdoms”.

Fire Prayers: Building Arsenals that Destroy Satanic Kingdoms by author and evangelist, John Ramirez, is a powerful book on prayer. This is also a Christian Spiritual Warfare book. It is one every Christian will want to read and keep on their bookshelf for future reference. It is a necessary tool in their arsenal.

Author John Ramirez has a no nonsense, straightforward style of writing. From what I have watched of him, he writes like he talks. He speaks plainly and is easy to understand. Reading his phenomenal new book felt like sitting down with him having an in-depth conversation on prayer. Scripture is heavily quoted throughout the entire book. Personal experiences are told. The author is very sincere in his mission to help others.

Within the first few pages I was totally invested. I wanted to learn more. Obviously author Ramirez knows his Bible and an enormous amount about spiritual warfare. His book had me captivated, and I wanted to keep turning page after page. After reading for a while, I needed to stop and digest everything, but soon I was back reading. There is so much to learn from this enlightening, edifying book. It is powerful information that needs to be remembered and not just read and forgotten.

There are examples of prayers, traps to watch for that Satan uses, scriptures, and vital weapons for believers to use in spiritual warfare. I highly recommend this remarkable book. It would be a great choice for a small group or individual. This will strengthen every reader’s walk with Jesus. It would make a perfect gift for Easter, moms, dads, and grads, or just because someone needs to hear its message. I give it a 5 star rating.

Some Favorite quotes:

“The number one weapon for believers is realizing that the more we live in God’s Word, the more discernment, revelation, and clarity we have against the forces of darkness.”

“Study Scripture and memorize God’s Word. Then, when the devil shows up, use it as the sword of the Spirit against the forces of darkness (Eph. 6:17).”

“We need to ask the Lord to give us spiritual eyes that see Him and spiritual ears that hear what the Holy Spirit is saying.”

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