The Sound Of Light Book Review

The Sound of Light by astounding storyteller Sarah Sundin is a poignant WWII saga that is definitely award worthy. It is a Christian historical wartime, intrigue, romance, suspense that is nothing less than exceptional. This book was a riveting page turner.

Set in 1943 Denmark and Sweden, this is the story of Baron Henrik Ahlefeldt. When the Germans invade, he takes on the identity of a shipyard worker at his family’s business so that he can secretly carry messages to the Danish Resistance in Sweden.  He wants to aid in the war efforts and has taken on the persona of a laborer to escape suspicion.

It is also the tale of Dr. Else Jensen, American physicist, who works at the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Copenhagen. She and Henrik stay at the same boarding house and an attraction begins. Else’s best friend Laila, is Jewish. She works for the resistance and asks Else to print flyers at the Institute’s mimeograph to help.

The characters were so expertly composed that they seemed real. They were brave, caring, and heroic. They joined together to help get people to safety. It was easy to become invested in their story. Their growth as the story progressed was touching to read. The chemistry that Else and Henrik had sizzled. 

I love the author’s style of writing. It is easy to follow and keeps me interested. From the details in the book, it is evident that much research was done for this project. The author even intermingled some Danish words throughout the story. She also included a glossary at the back with pronunciation guide. I learned a few things, which is always a bonus when reading a fiction book. Another thing I loved was the inspirational message and element. 

My emotions ran the gamut as I read this story of hidden identities, escaping from the Gestapo, and rescuing innocent people. It has some complex plots with twists and turns, and is absolutely captivating. I found it to be thought provoking and pondered it many days after finishing the book.

This would make a great book club selection. There are discussion questions as well as author notes after this based on actual events story ends. I highly recommend this breathtaking book. It gets a 5 star rating from me. A copy was provided via Net Galley but these are my honest words.

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