All that is Hidden Book Review

All that is Hidden by author Laura DeNooyer is a Christian historical novel about two siblings. Set in late 1960’s Smoky Mountains, it is heavy with southern charm and family issues. In June, the author was named a semi-finalist for All That Is Hidden in Serious Writer’s “Book of the Decade” contest. Brava!

This is the first book that I have read by this author. While I love historical fiction, I prefer the 1800s or early 1900s. It took me a while to become invested in this book and its characters. If that happens to you, just keep reading.

This is the tale of Tina, a feisty 10 year old tomboy, and her family. Tina grows up and breaks the mold by learning to play baseball with the boys. Her brother, Nick, shares a lot of antics with her.

The story takes a turn when secrets are brought to light. What one was a safe, simple life is challenged. This story is filled with life lessons, bits of humor, emotions, twists and turns, family drama, and an abundance of Appalachian folklore.

The author has a nice style of writing. Her details and descriptions took me back to the Mountains in a time when this country was experiencing some unrest. The conversations sounded authentic. Characters were believable and interesting. The one downside is that there seemed to be two or three subplots going on, also. A few times I had trouble following along.

I recommend this to readers that enjoy historical fiction set in the mid 1900s or mountains. If you are a baseball fan, you will enjoy all of that. It receives a 4 out of 5 star rating from me. I received a complimentary copy from the author, but these are my honest words.

About Author Laura DeNooyer:

As a Michigan native, Laura earned a BA in Education and Fine Arts at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, then taught school in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for nine years. She pioneered the middle school and high school art program, wrote curriculum, taught creative writing, and coached volleyball.

Over twenty years later, Laura started her own teaching and tutoring business from home, working with home schoolers the past sixteen years. Between these two teaching jobs, she and her husband raised four children. In her spare time, Laura wrote and published her first novel and received awards for other stories.

Storytelling through novels is her passion, especially character-driven stories featuring complex relationships, whether historical fiction or a fairy tale setting.

Laura has contributed to The Baum Bugle periodical and hosts a blog to encourage creativity and spur imagination, wherever they are found.

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