Where the Road Bends by Rachel Fordham Book Review

Author Rachel Fordham has written a lovely historical Christian romance with her soon to be released Where the Road Bends. This captivating novel had me turning pages until I devoured this masterpiece in one sitting. It is engaging, emotional, and has timeless life lessons. There were twists I thought would happen but did not. Other things surprised me. I really loved this. It is my favorite one by author Fordham, and I have read all of her books.

Set in 1880 Iowa, this is the story of Norah King. The book begins with her engaged to an older man in order to save her family farm. Her parents have died, and with just Norah to maintain it, the bank is threatening foreclosure.

It is also the tale of Quincy Barnes. He stumbles into Norah’s life battered and bleeding. She is determined to nurse him back to life, but what will her fiancé say or the townspeople? This is a gritty story of redemption, forgiveness, truth, and second chances. It is a love story about true love.

Author Fordham has carefully crafted a multi-layered story with characters that stole my heart. They were realistic with quirks and flaws. The hero, tall, handsome, and caring who wants to make his sweetheart’s dreams come true, is my new literary crush. The villain is despicable. A young scamp is adorable, and an elderly matron is perfect as a substitute mother.

Author Fordham is a master wordsmith. She takes words and exquisitely weaves them into a beautiful tapestry of an engaging, captivating story. Her story is filled with many things to ponder and is still lingering in my mind. It is well researched, organized, and easy to follow. At the end are Discussion Questions for those in a reading group or wanting to dig deeper.

I highly recommend this novel. It receives a 5 star rating from this reader. A copy was provided by NetGalley, but these are my honest words.

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