The Sugarcreek Surprise Book Review

The Sugarcreek Surprise by award winning author Wanda Brunstetter is a Christian Amish romance novel. It is Book 2 in the Creektown Discoveries Series. It can easily be read as a standalone book.

 This is the story of Lisa Miller, a young Amish schoolteacher. She has lived with her grandparents since both of her parents died tragically in an accident.  They have taken wonderful care of her. However, she was traumatized by her parents’ death and cannot see a future outside of the safety of their home.

It is also the story of Paul Herschberger. He has moved from Indiana to Sugarcreek, Ohio after his fiancé cheats on him. He is a relatable character and a really nice guy.
Mrs. Brunstetter has written a heartwarming, realistic story that is beautiful. It was easy to become invested in the story and lives of Lisa and Paul. There are life and spiritual lessons woven throughout this tale. Twists and turns kept it interesting. I loved it so much that I read it in one sitting. It is definitely a page turner. 

Readers that enjoyed Book 1 will be happy to “see” some familiar faces pop up as they read this book. 

This is one of my favorite books by the author. It has a lovely story with a heartfelt message. True to her style, the author included recipes at the end along with discussion questions. I love it when authors include those.

I highly recommend this. Any Amish fan will swoon over The Sugarcreek Surprise. Reader groups would enjoy this as a selection. It gets 5 out of 5 stars from me. A copy was provided by the publisher, but these are my honest words.

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