The Dollmaker’s Daughter Celebrate Lit Book Tour

The Dollmaker’s Daughter by author Izzy James is a Christian historical novel.  This is the second book by author James in her Revolutionary War series and features Amity Archer, sister of Field Archer, the hero of her previous work, “The Shopkeeper’s Widow.”  The tale behind this story is quite unusual and revolves around a magical stone.  The “Horeb Stone” is reported to be a magical stone. Many people are after it, but only the dashing and honorable protagonist Simon Morgan has it.

The year is 1776, and budding journalist and exquisite storyteller, Amity, desires to interview soldiers and families for her upcoming stories. She is in the colonies where all of the action is. Her father agrees that she may accompany him on his journey to Williamsburg.  He secures a friend of the family (Amity’s old boyfriend) to escort her and her aunt to parties and to the mountains.

This remarkable story is noteworthy on many levels. The war is not front and center, although it is certainly present. Early experiments with electricity are related, as well. Amity’s friendship with Lucy, who was purchased for her, is as unfathomable to most people in that era.

I love the author’s style of writing. She immediately grabs my attention and has me invested in her unusual story and characters. It is evident by her descriptions that she has visited the area and done extensive research. I thought her characters were believable and relatable. Their conversations sounded true to the 1770s.
Because of the “magical” stone element, this book has a strong faith message.  The author does not want to mislead anyone. It is important to me that Christian Fiction point readers to the truth and not fill them with fiction when it comes to their daily walk. Therefore, I did further research to enhance my understanding.

The love story is very sweet, and the premise of a magical stone interesting. There are no study or discussion  questions at the end of book, but there are many things that will provide a lively group discussion. There is a short devotional that includes a question. I thoroughly loved this idea. It would make a fun book club selection.

I highly recommend this to lovers of historical and inspirational fiction.  The Dollmaker’s Daughter gets a 5 star. Rating from me. A copy was provided by Celebrate Lit but these are my honest words.

About the Book

Book:  The Dollmaker’s Daughter

Author: Izzy James

Genre: Historical Romance

Release date: July 16, 2021


Forgetful scientist Simon Morgan lost his chance with Amity Archer ten years ago. He knows there is no hope…until a sea captain trades a meal for an ancient stone reputed to have the power to give him his heart’s desire. Immediately after pocketing the stone, Simon runs into Amity. Did the ancient artifact cause this chance encounter or was it mere coincidence?

Like her favorite travel writer Mrs. Peabody, Amity Archer yearns for adventure, but she’s horrified when her father asks Simon Morgan to escort her on her first real adventure.

With Amity’s Aunt Clementine as a buffer between them, will Simon be able to prove that his love for Amity is real? Can Amity show Simon that her love for him has nothing to do with a so-called magical rock?

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About the Author


Izzy James lives in coastal Virginia with her fabulous husband in a house brimming with books.

More from Izzy

I am a Geographer by degree. So maps and the shapes of the earth fascinate me. It keeps me looking at the ground. Where I live in Virginia we still travel the imprint of colonial roads. Former villages have been swallowed by large urban areas, but the land is still there. Amity Archer travels these roads on the adventure to love in The Dollmaker’s Daughter.

It makes The Dollmaker’s Daughter special to me. I have traveled the roads Amity and Simon cover many, many times. The research for this book kept me up nights reading true accounts of traveler and taverns in colonial times.

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