52 Weeks of Gratitude, a One Year Journal

52 Weeks of Gratitude, a one year journal, by Ink and Willow is an absolutely beautiful hardcover book.  The artwork is delightful and even peaceful.  Set up as a 52 week, one for each week of the year, Thanksgiving journal, this is a nice size with quality paper.  There is plenty of room to write your thoughts, responses, and thankfulness.  

Divided into four sections, this little gem covers all areas of life. They are home, community, faith and beauty. Each week has a different subtopic to ponder.  Scripture, reflection question, and an action prompt to help you develop the practice of being grateful are included in each week’s short lesson.  A twelve-month gratitude list, where you record one thing for which you are thankful concludes the book. Think of it as a blessing list.

It is a book that anyone will find useful in their spiritual journey.  Joy will be harvested by all the seeds of thankfulness this journal helps you sow.  It might take a while to get into the habit, but it is well worth the results.  Everyone lives a busy life and needs a reminder that we have so much.  God has blessed each of us.  We need to take a few minutes each week to review at least a part of them.  This book will help us begin that.

I highly recommend this inspirational, encouraging journal.  It is impossible to read and journal these offerings without developing a deeper sense of joy.  There will be copies wrapped up under my tree this year.  It will make a perfect gift.  I gladly rate it 5 out of 5 stars.  A copy was provided, but these are my honest words.

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