Andrew by Author Jennifer Beckstrand Celebrate Lit Book Tour and Giveaway

Hello!  Today is my stop on Celebrate Lit’s book tour and giveaway for Jennifer Beckstrand’s new Amish book “Andrew, A Lesson in Love”.  It is Book One in her new series the Petersheim Brothers.  Not only will you learn about the book, the author, her thoughts, the tour stops, and the giveaway, but the author has included a recipe for you.  It sounds yummy!  Let’s begin…

My Thoughts

I always enjoy a nice Amish fiction especially when it has an inspirational message.  Book one, Andrew, in author Beckstrand’s new series is an absolute delight!  This contemporary Amish novel is heavily laced with inspiration and life lessons.  It has light romance, humor, a bit of intrigue, and is so well written it is hard to put down.

Author Beckstrand is a storyteller deluxe.  The Petersheim Family was filled with older boys (men) and a pair of rambunctious eight year old twins.  Paternal grandparents had just moved in adding to the frenzy with an ever “helpful” mother-in-law.

I enjoyed the writer’s style.  The pace was great, not rush or sluggish.  The conversations sounded authentic.  There was plenty of dialog which I like.  The characters were so well described I felt like I knew them.   My heart went out to Mary and then to Andrew.  I could imagine them easily and feel their emotions.

The secondary characters were, well characters!  I could see a book being written about many of them.  Mammi was a typical mother-in-law wanting to help by setting things up her way.  Jerry was a fireman that has a secret, Aunt Bitsy has a bunch of cats and blue hair, and so many others.

This is very entertaining but it is also an inspiration book with life lessons.   It deals with choices, hypocrisy, judging, family issues, illness, love, trust, even abortion.  Scripture is heavily quoted and mention of what would Jesus do.  In fact, a lot of the book discusses the difference in helping someone verses judging them.  To say this was a thought provoking read is and understatement.  It has stayed with me weeks later.

I was astonished by how forthright the author was in taking on hypocrites.  It is a topic everyone should read about and address.  This book will give readers a lot to ponder.  It might even change some attitudes.

This gets a glowing recommendation from me.  Everyone should read this book.  I am eagerly awaiting book two and the issues it will tackle.  This book gets a 5 out of 5 stars for the lessons it teaches.  We should all take them to heart.  An Advanced Reader Copy was provided by Celebrate Lit but I was under no obligation to write a review.


About the Book


Book: Andrew

Author: Jennifer Beckstrand

Genre: Amish Romance

Release Date: June 25, 2019

Andrew, Abraham, and Austin Petersheim’s family business has earned them the nickname The Peanut Butter Brothers. But if their matchmaking younger siblings have their way, all three may soon bear another title: husband . . .

Handsome, hardworking, and godly, Andrew Petersheim has always been sure of his place in his Wisconsin Amish community. He’ll be a welcome catch for the local girl who finally captures his heart. Mary Coblenz certainly isn’t that girl. Two years after “jumping the fence” for the Englischer world, she’s returned, unmarried and pregnant. Yet instead of hiding in shame as others in the community expect, she’s working at the Honeybee Farm, ignoring the gossips—and winning over Andrew’s eight-year-old twin brothers . . .

For all Andrew’s certainty about right and wrong, it seems he has a lot to learn from Mary’s courage, grace, and resilience. She’s changing his notions about forgiveness and love, but will she in turn accept the challenge of starting over and choose to stay—with him?

Link to purchase book:

About the Author

Jennifer beckstrandJennifer Beckstrand is the two-time RITA-nominated, #1 Amazon bestselling Amish romance author of The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hillseries, The Honeybee Sisters series, and The Petersheim Brothers series for Kensington Books. Huckleberry Summer and Home on Huckleberry Hill were both nominated for the coveted RITA® Award from Romance Writers of America. Jennifer has written twenty-one Amish romances, a historical Western, Jessie and James, and the nonfiction book, Big Ideas. She and her husband have been married for thirty-four years, and she has six children and seven adorable grandchildren, whom she spoils rotten.


More from Jennifer

If you enjoyed The Honeybee Sisters, you’re going to love The Petersheim Brothers, or the Peanut Butter Brothers as they’re known in their small Amish community of Bienenstock, Wisconsin. The Petersheim brothers work their small farm and make peanut butter. The idea for The Petersheim Brothers series came when two of my friends and I were creating The Honeybee Sisters Cookbook. My friend Alicia suggested I write a book about Peanut Butter Brothers, and the idea stuck.

One of my favorite characters in my Amish romances is Aunt Bitsy, the irrepressible, unconventional woman who raised the Honeybee Sisters, tried to chase off all their suitors, and then lit fireworks at their triple wedding. In Andrew, the first book in the Petersheim Brothers series, Aunt Bitsy takes in a girl who has jumped the fence and wants to come back to the Amish community to have her baby. Aunt Bitsy is still protecting her dandelions and her bees, still dyeing her hair all sorts of bright colors, and still praying to Gotte right out loud.

Andrew is about forgiveness, second chances, and learning to love. It will have you laughing and crying, and you might just fall in love with two of the most mischievous little boys in Wisconsin. Enjoy.

In honor of the Peanut Butter Brothers, I want to share one of our favorite family recipes. These bars are perfect for picnics, parties, and potlucks. They’re easy and delicious!

Peanut Butter Bars

Cream together:

1 cup butter

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup sugar

Blend In:

2 unbeaten eggs

1 tsp. baking soda

2/3 cup peanut butter

½ tsp. salt

1 tsp. vanilla

Stir In:

2 cups flour

2 cups quick oats

Spread mixture in greased jelly-roll pan or large cookie sheet.

Bake: 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Do not overbake. Remove from oven.

Sprinkle on:

1 ¼ cups semi-sweet chocolate chips.

Let stand five minutes.

For peanut butter mixture on top, combine:

½ cup sifted powdered sugar

¼ cup peanut butter

2 to 4 Tbs. evaporated milk

Mix well.

The chocolate chips will melt on the bars. Spread melted chocolate evenly. Drizzle peanut butter mixture on top. Cool completely. Cut into bars.

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To celebrate her tour, Jennifer is giving away a grand prize of a $20 Amazon gift card!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.


11 thoughts on “Andrew by Author Jennifer Beckstrand Celebrate Lit Book Tour and Giveaway

  1. I am thrilled you enjoyed Andrew! I love writing romance, and I love writing humor, but I am so glad this book made you think. I really wanted to explore the themes of forgiveness, hypocrisy, and repentance, and of course, the love of Jesus that is more powerful than force on Earth. Thank you so much for your great review!


  2. I love Jennifer’s books. Thanks for the review and sharing this recipe. It sounds delicious and can’t wait to read this book.


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