Mothers and Daughters

There is a special bond linking mothers and daughters.  At this stage in my life I am a mother and daughter so I know first hand how amazing the relationship is.  Both my mother and daughter are true blessings from Abba.  The three of us share many things, our love of God being the most important.


Yesterday Vanessa, my daughter, came by to help me with some things.  She just sensed things were unusually stressful for me.  When her pretty face popped in it was followed by some beautiful purple flowers and red roses.  A pick me up in my favorite colors and flowers given out of love brought warmth to my heart and tears to my eyes.


Often during conversations she can finish my sentences or nod before I even start talking.  Does she read my mind?  Maybe because she knows seems to know what I’m thinking.  Same thing happens between me and Mom, too.  Perhaps it is because we have spent so much quality time together.


Vanessa is a jewel and I am proud of the Christian woman she is.  Of all the things I wished for her to be, a woman of faith was first on the list.  Mission accomplished.  Mom taught me about Jesus, and I taught my daughter.


Mothers and daughters start out as just that and will always be, but as they age they become close confidants and best friends.  I delight in chatting with each of mine daily.  Mom is a fountain of knowledge.  Her voice is something I yearn to hear.  I crave her wisdom.  Vanessa is level headed and loving.  I miss having her under my roof but delight in her family.  She is a good wife and mother.

I love these women of faith, my women.  They are my support system.  It thrills me that we will spend eternity together.  Oh the things we will do!  It is mind boggling yet comforting at the same time.  I cannot imagine it.


Thank you Vanessa and Mom for your love and support.  Life would be so much harder without you two.  You both are loved, appreciated, and treasured.  My life is happy because of you.


Readers, who do you need to thank today?  Reach out and tell someone how important they are.  Are you certain you are spending eternity together.  If not, have a chat with them.  Make it a Thankful Thursday.

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