Love Flies by Author Julia David

Finding a new author whose book I absolutely loved makes me just giddy.  It gives me hope that I will always have another great story sometime down the road.  Today, let me introduce you to a captivating book from a new to me author that shall be on my favorite list.

My Thoughts

“Love Flies” by author Julia David is a two hundred sixty two page Christian historical fiction.  It took me a few chapters to become invested but then it happened.  I was all in.  Author Julia David knows how to write a compelling tale.  She is a talented wordsmith.

Her writing style is nice and the words glide off of the page. The story is well organized and researched.  Attention to detail made it easy to imagine I was in 1867.  The characters were well defined.  I was drawn to many of them.  Their emotions transferred to me and I felt fear, joy, happiness, and sadness.   My emotions were raw at some points.


The Christian message is not diluted or hidden.  Bravo author David!  This is not a preachy  book, but a nice Christian one.  There are timely life lessons to be learned from Patience and Reed.  Trusting God, forgiving others, priorities, family, and love are among some of the topics touched upon in this page turning novel.

This is Book Two in the Lennhurst Asylum Series but I was not at a disadvantage.  It can easily be read as a stand alone.  I highly recommend it.  It earned a 5 out of 5 stars from me.  Grab a few friends and start a reading group with this one.  You will want to chat about it.

A copy was provided by the author but I was under no obligation to write a review.  These are my own, honest words.


From the Back of the Book

Calculating Reed Chapman, didn’t factor an unstable young woman from Lennhurst Asylum inhabiting his beloved land.

In 1867, bitter from the civil war, lawyer Reed Chapman is easily distracted, yet determined to have his land back. How did his simple plan to restore his family’s inheritance, leave him driving away from Lennhurst Asylum, elbow to elbow with a beautiful patient in his charge? An unstable, madcap young woman who believes she is the heir to his land.

Patience Stevens spins with the adventure of leaving Lennhurst to find her childhood trees, lake and land. Confident to face the dark unknowns that took place there, she dreams of gardens and woodland homes for all her winged friends. Fortifying herself to face the horrors one by one, the revelations of her past collides with a new struggle in the form of handsome Reed Chapman. He seems overly concerned with her wellbeing and suddenly her heart is taken with his attention.

Can a gullible young woman from an insane asylum trust the ways of the heart? Is his declaration for her hand hasty or genuine? Her simple list of dreams seems so close she can almost touch them.
Is Reed Chapman to be her tender, passionate husband or her adversary? Can her child-like faith and hope survive this haunted wilderness without him?

About the Author


Julia David is an avid journal writer, published romance author, serial DIY’er and certified life coach. Addicted to Hallmark movies and baking, she believes it’s crucial to have some predictable things in life. Her tag line ‘escape to an era where true love prevails’ was from her own reason for reading stacks of books.
Married and mother to five, she also ministers to pregnant and parenting teens.
Find more at

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