The Liberty Bride by Marylu Tyndall

The Liberty Bride by author Marylu Tyndall is Book 6 in the Brides of the Mayflower series.  If you have been following the series you know that different authors write each book.  This one is set during the War of 1812.  It is an action filled historical Christian romance from a talented writer.

Author Tyndall has a way of grabbing readers’ attention immediately and keeping it until the final page.  This book was no exception.  I became invested in the lives of Emeline Baratt and Owen Masters quickly.  Tyndall has done her research in writing this well planning, organized, and penned novel.  The descriptions took me to the 1800’s during time of war and turmoil.

Characters are relatable and endearing.  They were well rounded and easy to imagine.  They jumped from the pages and into my imagination.  Through danger, intrigue, sadness, hardship, fear, and many other adventures, I shared the emotions they felt.  I laughed out loud a few times and teared up, too.

My favorite things with historical Christian books are for them to teach me something and not hide the fact they are Christian books.  Give me inspiration and scripture.  I am happy to report The Liberty Bride passed both with flying colors.  I learned about life at sea and much about the War of 1812.

Some situations and circumstances are relatable as far as the faith aspect.  The characters have issues with obedience, trust, and faith.  Who hasn’t at one time or another.  I enjoyed watching their faith journey grow.

This is a great book.  It was a page turner for me.  After the story readers will find an index which includes the historical section as well as a biography.  Be sure not to skip that.  Don’t worry that this is Book 6 if you haven’t read the others.  It can be read as a stand-alone.

I definitely recommend this book.  Fans of the author will be thrilled with it.  Readers who enjoy Christian historical, adventure that includes romance set during a war will love this latest installment to the Series, too.  Reading groups that enjoy historical fiction will devour it.  It gets a 5 out of 5 Stars from me.  I was provided a copy from the publisher but was not required to write a review.  These are my own, honest opinions.


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