The Minimalist Home by Joshua Becker

The Minimalist Home by author Joshua Becker is a book filled with ideas on how to simplify your life.  Decluttering or minimalizing is a hot trend now.  Most people talk about it but few seldom actually do it.  This book helps readers go from the dreaming to the doing stage.
It was a tough sell for a sentimental old bird like me.  Am I a minimalist?  Absolutely not.  Just a wannabe.  It sounds good until the garbage bags come out and my cherished items start clinging to me.  After reading Author Becker’s book, I have decided enough is enough.  I can and will do this.
The author goes room by room giving readers encouragement and a well written plan.  He has traveled this road before so he understands all too well the emotional roller coaster participants will ride.  Giving encouragement of “Less house means more home” and “Just because you have space doesn’t mean you have to fill it with stuff” spurred me to change.
By decluttering your home, it will allow you to live your life there and do things you were created to do.  Let that sink in.  If my home is less cluttered basically I can focus more on my family and God. Sold!  There will be less distractions and less upkeep.
Have the things I owned cluttered my house to the extent that they caused me not to have friends over because my house was too messy?  Certainly.   Okay, no I see the problem.  I am basically being owned by my possessions instead of me owning them as the author explained.
This is a well thought book that is written to help.  It is broken down into three sections and twelve chapters.  The author has done his research and organized his ideas wonderfully.  It will take a while but thanks to this book and its author, I have begun the journey.
I would definitely recommend this life changing book.  It gets 5 out of 5 stars from me.  Get a copy for yourself and start the process for yourself.  A copy was provided by the publisher but all opinions are my own, honest ones.54641D6B-7A59-4296-B104-CBFB182CC7DE

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