Book Review: A Sparkle of Silver by Liz Johnson

A Sparkle of Silver by author Liz Johnson is a contemporary Christian fiction.  This 368 page romance mystery is set on Georgia’s coast.  It is Book One in the author’s Georgia Coast Romance Series and the first book I have read by her.  She does a lovely romantic mystery.


I really enjoyed the author’s writing style.  Her book was interesting, well planned, and written so that it kept my interest.  It was well researched and gave details and information on a time period and things I did not know.  I love that in a book.  This one flashed back to the 1920’s.  Characters were realistic and believable.  It was easy to imagine them and their feelings.  The Christian element was present, another important issue for me with Christian books.

This is the story of Millie Sullivan.   Years ago her great grandmother had a guest at an oil tycoon’s estate on St. Simon’s Island, Georgia. Now Millie is working as a guest at the same estate’s tourist attraction. Millie’s Grandma Joy insinuates there a clue to a treasure in the great grandmother’s old journal.  It happens to be hidden in the chateau.  Millie decides to search for the journal since she needs money and is caught by security guard Ben Thornton.  A deal is hatched, sparks begin to fly, and the adventure begins.

The author does a wonderful job with this tale.  The past and present are seamlessly interwoven to make a story that caught my attention early.  A few twists were thrown in to keep readers guessing.  Timely topics are touched on such as dementia, loyalty, family, forgiveness, money issues, and growing in faith.  All in all this is a worthy read.
I recommend A Sparkle of Silver to anyone that likes Christian contemporary fiction, especially romantic mysteries.  This one has adventure and history.  It offers a lot.  I liked it very much and rate it 5 out of 5 stars.
I was given this book by the publisher and not required to write a review.  All opinions are my own honest ones.

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