Find a Book Friday: Dare to Begin Again Celebrate Lit Tour

Dare to Begin Again by author Rosalinda Rivera has an enticing pink cover with a lovely bouquet of flowers and says “Let God Write Your Best Future”.  Okay, I’m in.  This 184 page by Whitaker House had me with its cover.  Then when I learned the DARE stood for Decide, Allow, Rise, Enjoy there was no putting this encouraging book down.
After an introduction there are sixteen chapters with different topics.  All of these are relevant in today’s life.  Dream Again, Forgive Again, Risk Again, Trust Again, Heal Again, and Love Again are just a sampling of what you will explore.   There is a story, a God lesson, Bible tie in, closing with “I DARE YOU TO…”. Author Rivera encourages readers at the end to DARE to whatever the chapter title is.  Dare to Hope, Begin, Forgive, or Listen.
I enjoyed the author’s writing style.  It was easy to see this book has been well thought, researched, and organized.  The author has a smooth style of writing and her words seem to just flow.  Her stories and experiences are transparent and written to help readers.  She provides encouragement, scripture, and food for thought.  Author Rivera gives many positive, inspiring suggestions that stayed with me.  “Stay positive and don’t allow negative thoughts to enter.”  Another favorite is “Don’t let your past hurts, disappointments, and rejections hold you down.”  Both of those stuck with me and had me nodding in agreement.
This book reminds readers that God is with us and for us.  He has a plan for our future.  She says to keep moving forward with determination and God,  It is an upbeat, positive book.  There is a lot of cheerleading to uplift readers but not a lot of instruction on how to exactly accomplish your goal.  That is more implied or left to readers.  She does give some guidance but not an abundance.
Author Rivera has written a God glorifying book filled with ideas, support, inspiration, scripture, and experiences to help readers.  It is really a wonderful book.  Any readers club, small group, or individual read would highly benefit from reading it.  I highly recommend it and rate it 5 out of 5 stars.
I received a complimentary copy of this book through Celebrate Lit. These are my own honest opinions and review.


About the Book:

Book Title: Dare to Begin Again

Author: Rosalinda Rivera
Genre: Non-Fiction, Christian Life, Woman’s Issue
Release date: September 4, 2018

We all have struggles and challenges in life. Whether they are of our own making or not, things don’t always work out. Sometimes, we just give up on our dreams and goals. But it doesn’t have to be that way! God is a God of new beginnings, and throughout the entire Bible, we read about people who were stuck, disappointed, and faced impossible situations—people God freed. Rosalinda Torres Rivera challenges us to Dare to Begin Again. Using stories from her own life, other people, and biblical times, Rosalinda offers inspirational, down-to-earth advice on beginning again. Each chapter tackles a different issue where you may be “stuck”—such as an inability to forgive, trust, or hope—and examples of people who overcame similar challenges. Practical tasks at the end of each chapter walk you through a DARE challenge (Decide, Allow, Rise, Enjoy) to help you move closer to a fresh start. Rosalinda is the daughter of Victor Torres, an ex-gang member from Brooklyn, New York, and his wife, Carmen, founders of the New Life For Youth ministry. She has seen more than twenty thousand people get out of tough situations and turn their lives around. “They’re people whose tales of transformation prove God is still at work,” she says. “He’s written and re-written their life’s chapters—and He’s willing to do the same for you.” It takes a commitment, but with the help of God, inspiring, true stories, and practical applications, you can Dare to Begin Again.

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About the Author

Rosalinda Torres Rivera is the executive director of New Life For Youth, one of Virginia’s largest residential facilities helping to rehabilitate people from a life of addiction. She has been reaching out to families in crisis, poverty, and hopelessness for over twenty-five years. Using her business skills, Rosalinda developed a model of social enterprise to sustain the non-profit New Life For Youth by creating businesses that train thousands of young people in job skills and leadership.

47B0BEFA-8F9F-45A2-914D-4E00541D43D9She is also the president of New Life Enterprises, the founder of Mercy Moms Home, a place for single mothers to find hope and healing, and the founder of Bella Women’s Ministry in Richmond, Virginia, which hosts annual conferences for over five hundred women.
Each year, Rosalinda is a featured presenter at various events nationwide. She has ministered throughout the world and has traveled to over twenty-two countries. From the White House to the local community, she has been nationally recognized for her impact in bringing hope to the hopeless.
Rosalinda was appointed to the Board of Governors of the National Association of Nonprofit Organizations & Executives, headquartered in Washington, DC. Style Magazineselected her as a “Top 40 under 40” leader for her impact in Richmond, Virginia.
In 2018, the Valentine Museum in Richmond will feature the work of her family as one of the city’s first Hispanic families to impact Richmond in the non-profit sector.
Rosalinda is the daughter of Victor Torres, an ex-gang member from the streets of New York, and his wife, Carmen, the founders of New Life For Youth and pastors of New Life Outreach International Church. She served as an associate producer on Victor, a movie about her father’s journey from drugs and gangs to Jesus and redemption.
Rosalinda and her husband, Carlos, have three children: Alana, Gabriel, and Victor.


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