Fool’s Notion by Lisa J. Flickenger, CelebrateLit Book Review


Fool’s Notion by author Lisa J. Flickenger is a Christian historical romance set in 1883.  Filled with adventure, humor, sass, romance, and history, this book was easy to pick up and hop right into its pages.  I was immediately invested.  It was the first I had read by this author, and I will be watching for more.
It is the tale of Alda Lealand, a young woman on a journey.  She takes off on a solo mission from Kansas on the California Trail with animals to sell in hopes of saving her home.  Does this cause trouble?  You betcha.  At home and on the trail.
Along the way Alda meets good looking bounty hunter Cole. He is all that and a Christian.  Cole makes a perfect hero and is one lovable character.  The author made him strong, sincere, kind, and handsome.  Oh my!
I enjoyed the author’s writing style.  Her story was well thought, researched, planned, and written.  The descriptive writing style of the author took me to the West in the late nineteenth century.  I learned facts about wagon trains, mules, and women riding horseback for extended periods of time.  (You will need to read the book for that one.)  Characters are well rounded and dialogue sounds smooth and not forced.  This was an easy to understand book with a twist or two.
I love Christian books that don’t water down the fact the characters are Christian.  This one passed the test.  Deception, redemption, prayer, forgiveness and growth are all tackled in this book.  It is a sweet book, and nice read.  I would definitely recommend this.  Anyone who enjoys historical light romance, especially westerns will love this.  I rated it a 4 out of 5 stars because I really liked it.  I received a complimentary copy of this ebook from CelebrateLit.  All thoughts and reviews are my own, honest ones.

About the Book:


1883 California Trail, Kansas

Missouri mules were the best. Alda grew to love the creatures working side by side with her pa on their farm along the banks of the Missouri River. He would be hopping mad when he realized his wife and daughter colluded behind his back to sell a pack string. It wouldn’t matter that they were trying to save the farm.

Alda struck out on her own to drive the team over fifteen hundred miles. By day three, her lead mule Bessie refused to take one more step. It was a good thing the handsome cowboy Cord stopped by to lend a hand or Alda might still be sitting in the dust.

Now, Alda needed the man to move on so she could continue her journey. Judging by the spark in Cord’s eye … it just might take some convincing.

About the Author: 885AD99B-BE15-42D2-AAFB-02879154ACEB


Lisa J. Flickinger, author of historical novels Fool’s Notion, Ella, and All That Glitters, lives and writes from the cliff of a river along the majestic Rocky Mountains. When not writing or reading, you will find her scouring antique shops or sipping a maple latte with friends and family. To learn more about her visit or her Facebook author page Lisa J. Flickinger.


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