Must Read Monday: The Fashion Designer by Nancy Moser

     The Fashion Designer by author Nancy Moser is Book Two following The Pattern Artist. Even though it is a sequel it could be read as a stand alone because the author provides enough information about prior events to allow readers to follow along easily.  This historical Christian fiction focuses on not only fashion but women’s rights, inspiration, faith, and character.
     This book has been extremely well researched by author Moser.  It is well planned, organized, and well thought.  The novel is packed with historical details. Detailed descriptions of the time period and place took me right there. It was as if I had left my porch swing and was transported back in time to New York City in 1912 when women were still fighting for our rights.
     The characters are well rounded and defined.  The heroine, Annie, wants to design clothing that the normal, everyday woman can afford.  Even more scandalously she has plans to make a maternity line for those expecting.  This was definitely an eye opening experience reading about how much things have changed.
     Faith is sprinkled throughout “The Fashion Designer”.  Some characters walk the Christian Walk and it is evident.  Others hide their light or not know God.  The main characters discuss their faith, pray, have faith and trust God.  It is inspiring and encouraging in many parts.

     Some tough issues are broached in this book.  Issues that unfortunately woman have always struggled with such as domestic abuse, marital issues, pregnancy problems, rape, and self esteem.  It was difficult to read how a husband treated his wife, but I am certain worse things actually happen.  For some people these topics might really hit close to home so they should be aware of this content.  There are definitely adult situations in this book.  Things such as smoking, drinking, rape, abuse, and losing one’s virginity should encourage you to steer younger readers away from this book.


     This was a delightful, emotional tale of a time period I knew little about before but have learned much since reading this book.  I enjoyed the author’s style and characters.  The faith and inspiration were wonderful.  The adult themes were a bit too dark for this reader, but I would imagine it was true to life.  Everything is not always sunshine and puppies in the read world so why should we expect that of our books?
     Book One, The Pattern Artist, was a wonderful story, too.  Both books may be read as stand alone, but together they make a powerful tale.  This is a redemption story.  A second chances can happen tale.  It isn’t a fluffy light chicklet book, but a heavy dose of ponder on this long after you’ve finished it book.  It is haunting in parts.  This is a book most women would enjoy reading in a book club so that they could discuss it.  It isn’t a light romance.  This is a heavy thought provoking inspirational book.  I highly recommend it and rated it 4 out of 5 stars.  A copy was provided by Barbour for my honest opinion.


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