Read a Book Monday: No Less Days by Amanda G. Stevens

Do you enjoy something different when reading?   Perhaps you are tired of the usual stories or types.  Fear not because I have one that will cure your longing for something new and different.  No Less Days by author Amanda G. Stevens is a 320 page paperback Christian fiction that is listed in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Mystery & Suspense sections.  It is all that and more.  This is the first book by author Stevens I have read and I am so glad I was introduced to her.

This is the tale of David Galloway.   David is one hundred sixty seven years old but hasn’t aged past thirty-five.   He loves books, is a Man of God, flawed and makes mistakes, and is a soldier and defender. David lives a solitary life by his own choice, but is still extremely lonely.   He is on a quest to learn the reason God created him differently than all other human beings.  Miraculously David meets people who know him and are just like him only who know what’s happening.  He finds people who can help him. David realizes God may have directed these people to him when a secret is exposed.
The author has done an amazing job writing this novel.  It has been written totally from her character, David’s point of view.  She has a style that suits my taste well.  Her descriptions are detailed without becoming overlong and boring.  Characters are defined and well rounded.  They should and seem like real people, not characters.  The author doesn’t tie toe around difficult topics.  She deals with them head on in a Christian way.  The book has a heavy sprinkling of inspirational leadings, such as trust in God, lean on Him and His guidance, forgiveness, and faith.
There were some things that didn’t set well with me, but I have been called a prude.  I do not like it when couples in Christian books mention sleeping together out of marriage.  Certainly it happens a lot, but in a Christian novel our standards should be higher.  Other crass things and words should not be included either.  This is just my opinion.
I highly recommend this book.  Anyone who enjoys a well-written, faith filled, very different, contemporary novel would absolutely love this novel.  Read it with a friend or in a group.  Trust me, you will want to discuss it.  I give it a 4 out of 5 star rating.  I was given a copy of the book from Barbour Publishing.  This review is completely my own honest opinion.

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