Read a Book Monday: The Babylon Bee…How to Be a Perfect Christian

Do you enjoy satire?  Personally, I don’t like it.  Most people would say I am an old stick in the mud but I don’t get satire, sarcasm or slapstick humor.  None of it sounds or looks funny to me, but as my Dad says, that’s why Baskin Robbins sells 31 flavors.  Not everyone likes the same thing.

Satire, like coffee, is an acquired taste.  When I was younger I could not stand the smell or taste of coffee.  1A79C5DC-C47C-4936-AEF9-E06519894B5AOh, but now I anticipate that first sip each morning.  Yum!  The Babylon Bee’s “How to Be a Perfect Christian, Your Comprehensive Guide to flawless spiritual living” is a hardback Christian Satire.  Some people will laugh out loud at that type of humor.

This 192 page book has ten chapters plus and introduction, conclusion, and acknowledgments.  There are charts galore to help illustrate the author’s cheeky point.  The chapters have interesting titles such as Joining the Right Church, Looking Really Spiritual Online, Crusading Against the Heathens, and Worshipping Like a Pro.  With titles like that you can imagine the content.

Reading this I went through a variety of thoughts and emotions, but isn’t that what a good book is supposed to do to its reader?  I was perplexed at points and then realized it was a joke.  What the book said to do was in fact what some people did that needed to be changed.  It was like a kid at school on Opposite Day.  This tongue in cheek book pokes fun at showy television evangelists and Christians in general.  It steps or stomps on toes of anyone that has done or thought of doing some of the things mentioned.

The thing that struck me the most and made the biggest impact was a phrase on the page before the Table of Contents.  It was just three words: FE29654A-B0C2-4E0E-AF1D-8D8E8AE4F59A.png Soli Deo gloria.  This is a Latin term meaning Glory to God alone.  Wow.  This book was essentially dedicated and written to the Glory of God.  It was not meant to poke fun at Him but at misguided people so I gave it a read.

Like I said earlier, satire is not for me, especially Christian satire.  It actually hurts my heart.  There are a lot of people unlike me that will really enjoy this book.  It was well written, organized well, and completely thought out to help.  Read with the right mind set it would be thoroughly enjoyed.  I would recommend it to anyone that enjoys this type of humor.  It would make a lively book club discussion.

DISCLAIMER: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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