Read a Book Monday: “Deeper Waters, Immensed in the Life Changing Truth of God’s Word” by Denise Hughes

Have you ever read a book that touched your heart and mind? It felt like the book was written just to help you and transform your life? Me, too! That was what happened when I read “Deeper Waters – Immersed in the Life-Changing Truth of God’s Word” written by Denise Hughes. This phenomenal paperback published by IMG_5403Harvest House hits the streets September 1st. It is 242 pages of wealth on digging deeper into God’s Word and Voice.  Pre-purchase it and receive a free book along with it.

Divided into four parts and followed with an Epilogue, author Hughes starts her book with “The Voice We Hear” and I am immediately hooked. Who wouldn’t be? Not only a Christian Living book, this turned out to be a Bible Study and partial Memoir. The author is transparent in her book and shares with readers the personal and heart-stirring story of what brought her to God’s Word. She reveals her struggles, trials and triumphs making her relatable. By the end of the book I felt like I had a new friend and (much younger) mentor.  She helped me when I didn’t realized I needed help.

I enjoyed her writing style and insights very much. It was easy to read and understand while being thought provoking at the same time. This book is well organized, well thought, and well written. Most of all it is God glorifying and helps each reader with her Christian Walk and reading God’s precious Word. The author’s love and joy for God is contagious just by reading her powerful words.  She has a passion for God and wants to share it.

“Deeper Waters” is a Book for those wanting to dig deeper and not just skim the surface of God’s Word. Her suggestion for anyone and everyone, whether a seasoned IMG_5402bible reader or novice just beginning, is to read, write, and pray God’s Word. No typing. Write it with your hand on paper so that it stays with you.  She has a variety of things to share to enlighten and encourage.  There is much more packed into this impactful jewel.

I definitely recommend this wonderful book. It will make you delve deeper into the Bible and strengthen your relationship with God. You will find yourself looking deep into yourself, also. “Where do you feel most comfortable? Where is your place to read your Bible and connect with God? Do you really, really know you can bring everything to God?” This is a great readers group or bible study book. It has so much to think on and discuss. Buy a copy for yourself and a friend. You will want to discuss it and how it impacts your life. It gets a 5 star IMG_5399recommendation.

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